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  1. Explain the "leading shaft" analogy more - I am not following what you mean. BTW, in order to improve, I have been looking at the hole - sometimes good - sometimes not!
  2. The lie angles are matched up as well. In some ways they are set up the same way.
  3. ? For the board - I have been playing golf most of my life. 35 plus years. I have had 4 sets of irons. Starter set then ping Isis then hogan apex plus and now Wilson tour v4. I had the hogans bent to match the bending for the wilsons - basically 1 degree upright in both sets. I use the hogans when I travel cause their older and sometimes leave them where I work out of town. My wilsons are the clubs for home. For some reason I really hit the hogans really well and the wilsons - it's just sometimes. I struggle with gaming the hogans all the time vs continuing to alternate. Question is have others struggled with old vs new irons? What're y'all's thoughts? Tia.
  4. Not sure if this the right thread but, I am playing V4s right now. What's the reason to switch to the V6s from y'all's perspective? TIA!
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