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  1. Wow 4 - have a great one guys.
  2. YUP - Position - Grip - Alignment can easily be taught in the first lesson
  3. Congrats to you and your wife!
  4. That user defined field would be nice, especially in the case of a driver where you might want to change shafts and see the difference on the course.
  5. I took a look at their website today and couldn't find specific info on the features. I did notice that they have magnetic straps available for purchase - my NX9 comes with an embedded magnet so no need to strap on on.
  6. Throughout the video it shows 2 colors for select clubs such as 7i (see 5:54 in the video) are there 2 different 7i's in his bag or is logic eluding me today?
  7. Once you start generating club data, you can go to the 'clubs' screen. There you'll see three selections: P-Avg, Average and Longest. The P-Avg knocks out the outliers - both low and high.
  8. Congrats on being selected as a tester! I'm looking forward to your review - although as a SS user I think I can predict it.
  9. A big happy birthday @GolfSpy_THV
  10. Sorry to hear - hope she gets better soon!
  11. Better than climbing a ladder!
  12. Ok I confess - I don't know the difference or the benefits of manual putting over auto. SS instructions only show how to change the settings from one to another but not explain the difference. FYI I do have the Putter tag installed, my watch is set on auto and I have been recording the # of putts over the hole.
  13. Today at CIC? Hmm did our course superintendent find out that MGS was going to be here on Sunday so they're tuning up the greens?
  14. For those just starting out with SS - here's a great link on shot/hole editing. This is a desktop version, I think there's a mobile version also. And the mobile version
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