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  1. What I was referring to is the change in playing conditions - what they refer to as PCC or Playing Conditions Calculation rather than a change in the slope rating . Here's a quote from an article from Golf.com: What happens when I shoot 90 in good weather and 92 in bad weather? The latter might actually improve your index more than the former. Because of the new Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC), scores posted at the same course on the same day will help determine if the course played more difficult (or easier) than normal, due to conditions or setup. Handicap differentials from all abilities of players will work together to create this calculation, and your handicap could be impacted because of it. “You look at the field for all scores posted on that day, regardless of what tee they played,” Edmondson said. “We know from our player equations from what we’ve modeled in the Handicap Index what are the expected scores for every golfer. When you get so many golfers that are higher or lower — outside of that [score] funnel — you would have an adjustment. This course played one stroke harder [than normal]. This course played two strokes harder. This course played one stroke easier.” According to the USGA, this adjustment will not happen often, but it’s another reason why it’s important to post your score on the day you played. Scores posted retroactively will not contribute to the PCC, though they will be impacted by it. You’re helping the USGA (and golfers everywhere) by feeding more data into the system.
  2. As the weather cools down here and the wind really kicks up, it'll be interesting to see any changes to the slope rating at our course.
  3. I just posted under a separate topic a 'white paper' from Golf Genius on the new system
  4. Below is the link for a white paper from Golf Genius on the new worldwide handicap system that will be effective beginning January 1st. There are some pretty interesting changes, including the actual calculation , weather affecting slope ratings, etc. http://productionggs.s3.amazonaws.com/WHS-whitepaper.pdf
  5. Don't forget that beginning Jan 1st, the handicap calculation changes to the average of lowest 8 out of last 20 and is no longer multiplied by .96. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  6. Warm greetings @Djnzfrom way up north!
  7. This was a pretty funny story, especially the caption "the only time the guy missed the water"...https://www.golf.com/news/2019/10/21/angry-golfer-temper-tantrum-video/ I've never seen any real anger issues on the course - what's the worst you've seen?
  8. You might want to mention to him some of the "Most Wanted" blogs, or have him go with you to a fitter as you try out some different clubs. A rather subtle way for him to see the differences in technology. One thing to keep in mind is that if and when he goes to a fitter they may find that current clubs suit him just fine. That happened to my wife this past spring. She has an old Burner driver, the fitter, after trying several new drivers told her there was little difference between what she has and the newer stuff she was trying out.
  9. Sounds like a guy"s trip is in order. Maybe a trip to the local PGASS or GG with lunch and a beer? Maybe a gift certificate for a partial fitting? In terms of benefits; At 72, I had a fitting just this past May. Currently had W/S 300 with TT steel shafts - thx to MGS and prior to that G20's. After going through all of his fitting carts, we ended up with D-7's and graphite shafts. Not a big distance gain but a much narrower dispersion. A lot more distance with the 5W and 9W which previously weren't part of my bag. And my 410 SFT - oh my! And previously I was gaming a G20 driver so really not that old. Slight gain in distance (getting better every day), but straight as an arrow. So yeah some nice improvements. .I've played with guys that have 15+ yr old clubs and they're pretty happy, keep in mind it's about his game and his needs
  10. As much complaining as I do about the weather I do have to compliment the weather gods for this past weekend. It doesn't get any better than this: Low to mid 70's no humidity and no wind !. After a long weekend at my son's house with little sleep (we were dog sitting their puppies), we got home late Sunday aft and immediately ran out to play 9. Neither one of us played well (I shot my handicap), but the scenery and weather was awesome. This is a pic of the green on #5, a par 5 dogleg right, (the pic is taken from #6) it's a very narrow green protected on one side by water and a bunker on the right the full length of the green.
  11. Great - detailed write up. Just curious what software/app are you using for your data?
  12. 18,002 - BTW I liked your like!
  13. Same with the guys here - even if it's a half a roll away. You've got to putt it out. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
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