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  1. I don't have it either - using Chrome/Windows on a desktop.
  2. Yup - but at $100 pretty easy to rationalize. BTW with 15 pr of shoes - and rotating them they should last you another 10-15 years
  3. I just get commercially available balm - 1000mg.
  4. I use to only play with spikes but have since changed to spikeless. Note not all spikeless shoes are equal - look at the bottoms especially the difference between a FJ Pro SL and some of the other brands. I currently wear FJ Superlites ($100 when not on sale), exceptionally comfortable, waterproof and they have the same bottom as the Pro Sl for $200.
  5. Michael Napoleon from SS addresses the protocols in his AMA video. He also talks about new protocols including a maintenance type.
  6. Also try some CBD ointment on it.
  7. We arrived back in Ohio yesterday. I was still wearing the shorts that I left Florida in brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. This morning I took our dog out in 33* temps (not in shorts) - hope our grandson appreciates us driving up for his birthday! It'll warm up into the low 50's today and next week - golf is definitely on the agenda.
  8. Spot on I was thinking the same thing before I read your post. However, I am in favor of paying for a real fitting. My independent fitter charges 150 for a full bag, and spends a couple of hours on the fitting, If you buy the clubs, he discounts it down to 75. which I'll gladly pay. He's thorough, listens and makes recommendations based on not only my swing but the trackman data along with my preferences. After all, Trackman's aren't free, nor is the building and the range along with all of those golf balls. Also as an Independent he doesn't get the kind of purchase discount that a GG or PGASS get. FYI, he's generally booked six weeks out so I guess there are plenty of other golfers that feel the way I do.
  9. Both of you will be! Hopefully no complications for either one of you.
  10. I'm available if you need a caddy?
  11. tony@CIC

    TM buys Nassau

    First thing that came to mind when I read that this morning. Is this a way to squeeze the DTC's out? It's been a tough year for Snell, although the "Blacks' five pack is back. Hopefully this isn't a trend by the big boys.
  12. So is the transmission/truck toast?
  13. Just as an FYI, I glued a sensor onto my CB Super Stroke grip. So far, the sensor has stayed glued to the counterweight with no issues.
  14. Nothing more than a slightly sore arm for me but my wife got knocked down for the day.
  15. Energy bars or PBJ + lots of water. Definitely no alcohol for me - I'll save that for after the round.
  16. Wife and I got the Covid Booster today. Our community had setup the shots - we were in and out in 25 min and that included the wait after.
  17. Happy Bday - hope you have a great one.
  18. After a few weeks of Florida's hot humid weather, the latest front brought in mild mid 70's weather with low humidity. I can live in this type of weather year round.
  19. Happy Bday Rick. Which one of those vettes did your wife buy you for this special day ?
  20. Car on the right looks a bit tired, the one on the left looks like it's ready to burn some rubber
  21. Scott, I've got over 40 rounds with it and love the V3. It took a little bit of time getting use to the sync and edit mode but now I find it easy to use. It picks up virtually all of my shots including putts in auto mode. So I'm definitely sticking with it. As a side note - my wife cancelled her subscription 2 months ago with a confirmation from them that it was cancelled. Low and behold a billing came through on my credit card for $99. Thankfully I have a text message whenever my cc gets used otherwise I may not have seen it till the next billing cycle.
  22. I saw that you were playing this weekend - but thought you were going to email support as well.
  23. Which LM would you recommend? I have a SC200 that I've used for the range but the numbers are way off when I use anything lower than a 50*. I haven't tried my PRGR LM but my sense is that the they're all inaccurate because the ball is launched so high. I'm fortunate at our Ohio course to have a practice hole adjacent to the practice green so I set up a target on the green and work backwards every 10 years to about an 80 yd mark (I use a LRF for the measurement). @TexasFullSend, @GolfSpy MBP's recommendation of a clock approach is a pretty foolproof approach Also you might want to check out this article and corresponding video from Mark Crossfield - it's more than what you asked for in your original post but still pretty interesting. https://www.todaysgolfer.co.uk/features/instruction-features/2021/june/mark-crossfield-golf-short-game-lessons/
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