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  1. Aside from the MGS PGA Show article earlier this year, has anyone heard an update on when Arccos might be implementing the change regarding the phone being in the front pocket? Not sure if it'll be new hardware or just software updates.
  2. For the Skytrak, I have the Net Return Pro hitting net, thing is just plain quiet, the only noise is from hitting the ball. I'm hearing good things about the new Super Quiet impact screen from Par2Pro but haven't tried it myself. It's likely the route to take if I ever decide to set up the screen to replace the net.
  3. Might be late to the discussion here but I've used both. Bought the Optishot 2, while it's useful to get your swing path grooved in, it wasn't too useful outside of that. I can't even say that the club head speed is accurate enough to be taken seriously and forget about ball speed & spin. Sold that off after buying the SkyTrak. The Skytrak cost a bit more but well worth the price, especially during the winter months. But for the fraction of the cost of the GCQuad/GC2, it's perfectly slotted for the avid home user. While it doesn't measure the club face impact or swing path, the ball speed & flight path is pretty accurate. You can add the SkyPro device to get decent club head speed reading. I think if the Mevo can be integrated into a range software and/or the simulator software (i.e. TGC, JNPG) it might get significant market share of the home launch monitor market.
  4. 1 - Alan, Ohio 2 - Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 (LH) 3 - no 4 - Studio Stock 8 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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