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  1. - Taylor, Alabama - Callaway Apex 20* w/ Fujikura Speeder 865 Hybrid X-Flex - I was not custom fit - Having a high swing speed I struggle with hybrids. When I hit it well I love being able to attack par 5 greens in two with a high ball flight that lands soft from over 230 yards. Never felt comfortable hitting it off the tee. Spins too much. I play C-Taper 130s in my irons so I would love to see of the 95x proto feels
  2. I am about 6 weeks from the State AM qualifier. I have not played competitive golf outside club events since I was 12(now 28). I wanted to get some input form other members who have competed in State or US amateur qualifiers and maybe some advice, tips or things you have learned. I will get to play the course a few times before the qualifier. Happy golf season! -Taylor
  3. Taylor Alabama 3.1 Mizuno MP-25 Strength- Shot Shaping Weakness- Tendency to come over the top creating a Pull-Draw/Hook
  4. Taylor Hammond Birmingham, AL Short game is one of the big strengths in my game. I am currently a Vokey loyalist. My biggest short game strength is probably flop shots. I am continuing to work on using wedges other than my lob for bump and run shots when I have more green to work with. The set I would love would be 50,54,58 With KBS shafts
  5. Taylor Hammond, Alabama 6 Handicap 40 Rounds per year Usually buy whatever tour ball has a deal going at PGA Superstore (ProV1 and X, Tour B330, Chrome Soft)
  6. Love it. The sensors are unnoticeable, work great, and it has minimal interference with the flow of your round. There is SO much I could go into detail that I really like about it. But it really comes down to if you are willing to pay $250 to get all the analytics it provides. I highly doubt anyone will use this for a round and think "man, this just really didn't meet my expectations". That being said you WILL more than likely have to go back and edit your round somewhere that it picked up an extra shot or missed a shot but they have made it super simple to edit your round on the App. Go to th
  7. Hey Eric, I just recently bought Arccos 360 as well! I also absolutely love it. Zero interference with the flow of my rounds. I simply check walking off each green that my shots were recorded correctly. If they weren't its a usually just changing the number of putts since that sensor is extra sensitive. As you mentioned the online dashboard is a data junkie's dream. I would also highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get a deeper insight into their game to find areas for improvement. Eric shoot me a message with your last name and we can connect on the Arccos Social Feed.
  8. Excited to join! I have used golfspy to research clubs but I am excited to start contributing. I am 27, left handed, and currently a 5.1 index but will hopefully be shrinking that number this year. I also play a lot of golf in Orlando and Atlanta as I have family in both cities. My golf goals are to qualify for the Alabama State Mid-Am this year and long term to qualify for a US Am!
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