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  1. I can't imagine how or why anyone would pick a fight with Wishon.
  2. I would hope your focus is on Honest reviews, not 'good' reviews.
  3. I haven't done any research? Laughable at best, considering you don't know me.
  4. A bio can be, and many times, is, puffery. A photo means nothing. History? Lots of folks here are filled with their own ego and post as though they know it all. I read so many posts that are filled with misinformation by posters, that I know entering into the fray would be pointless. There are a few who post often, that are really knowledgeable, and they would be the ones I want testing my product. If the OEM wants a survey with bias, they should pay for it themselves, and then post the results.
  5. The criteria will provide highly biased results. I've built putters, fooled around with a few designs etc, but I don't self promote and I don't blather on in 100s of threads to make myself feel important., as many here do.
  6. Your criteria is horrible. Few would create a survey with such subjective criteria, as it provides invalid results. If the OEM wants a study that validates his opinion, he should do it himself. If you want true random sampling, then do random sampling.
  7. IMHO, your criteria is quite subjective, and focuses on self-promoters. Accept names, randomly choose the short list, and go forward with testing.
  8. I would beg to differ. He's a bit testy. ----- Howard is very good, and has knowledge far above those who post to him.
  9. of course it's relevant, where else would part-time caddies and friends of tour players be able to sell their tour van stuff that cost them nothing, and charge 3X what it's worth to a very willingly gullible public?
  10. And that MAP story is full of hot air.
  11. 12.5 hours? How does he / she recoup that cost?
  12. Can anyone answer these questions: Does CC buy a full set of irons with shafts and grips, pull the shafts and reshaft with the suggested shaft from the fitting, OR does it have the contractual ability with OEMS to buy heads only? If they are buying heads only, and not a complete set of irons, how does MAP or MSRP enter into the price charged to their customer?
  13. Oh how true. I spent 6 years rebuilding my swing to what it was in my early 20s, with a very good instructor. Never once went back to old moves that were compensations. While working the instructor, and also working on his swing changes with him, so many others on the range would amble by and ask for the swing tip of the day, hit 10 balls and go to the first tee Once rebuilt, the old motions were gone forever.
  14. My post presumes the customer is astute enough to work out a cost arrangement. Most clubs need lie work, so that's why it's first. Then after a lot of range balls and a few rounds, you get the lofts addressed. Very few, who play golf, have good enough swings to benefit from a leap into new shafts on day one. That is a waste of money. If you don't have shaft lean at impact, any old shaft will do for the vast majority of those who play golf. Fitting is about giving them proper loft and lie first, even adding a shaft extension if necessary. Once length, lie, loft are locked in, then the customer should work on the swing, and once that is locked in, spend the wild cash on new irons and shafts. If I'm CC, and I know them pretty well, I'll sell you whatever I can, it's a business. If I'm someone who plays golf, I actually want to be fit properly.
  15. You sir (I presume), are correct. They buy heads only and screw the customer on pricing.
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