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  1. As well as guys who caddied for a buddy, and went to the tour van to get a 'tour club' for free and then sell it as though it's the holy grail of clubs, for 3X the value. That has gone on for a very long time. Call someone out for it, and welcome to the 1 week suspension.
  2. What you mention would be company policy, not Fitter specific policy.
  3. I'm a scientist, and because of how my arms and hands hang differently than most (about 45* inward), I knew at a young adult age that that issue would cause problems with every swing motion I made. I'm not surprised it took a long time for the golf business to figure it out, as outside of the club designers, the business is not filled with people who question accepted lore. I had mentioned Edel, not so this fella would buy an Edel putter, but so he would watch the videos to understand the biomechanical aspects.
  4. Learn how your forearms / shoulders/ hands manipulate a club. Search on Utubee for the Edel videos that cover this subject. It is more important than the loft / lie fitting and no one in a fitting studio (other than an Edel studio) will assess this for you.
  5. When one is paying the annual dues and fees at Butler National, putters must be sold where ever the $$ can be had.
  6. Good link. IMHO, so many non TGM instructors like to go out of their way to say they aren't reaching TGM, when in reality, nearly every instructor uses TGM terminology, methodology, and left vs right comparison, without having any basic knowledge of TGM. As with any teaching method, how the instructor coveys the info is key to the student's success. Mann gets a bit deep in the weeds, but he is understandable for those of us who think in that way.
  7. This video provides an answer to your original question about the action of the left wrist:
  8. Curious, who did you call at CC? At which CC location were you fit? Which Aerotech shift were you fitted for? What is the Swingweight of your old irons and what is the swingweight of the CBs? Any change in length of irons old to new?
  9. Listen to what he says about how the swing is esssentially the same for every club. This motion is a hittting motion
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