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  1. With Rifle shafts, that amount of difference was noticeable
  2. Any Cadillac DTS - golf bag, practice equipment, robokaddy, pvc tube with extra shafts for the driver and 3 wood, room for a couple of pairs of shoes, room for foul weather gear, and all of it in the trunk
  3. Joe, Chicago area 60 --- 1 First set -- Callaway tour issued 09 XForged, now with Aerotech i95s after removing Project XFlighted. Reworked for a heavier swingweight Second set -- Custom shop 2014 TM Tour Preferred CB with Aerotech i95s Wedges are a bunch 6 Callaway MacDaddy 2s, C or T Grind, Rifle Spinner 5.5s in 56* and 4.5s in 60* (original spinners, not the DG Spinner) A couple of Edel 56 DVR grinds with 5.5 Spinners A couple of PM Grind 60*, one with a HiRev and one with a HiRev 2 A couple of Callaway Jaws ((unused) 56/16 with Spinner 5.5s Do all my own work to
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