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  1. I know the original owner, I know the guy who turned it into CC. I've been in the build shop many many times. They do not buy full clubs and pull the shafts. They may be the only one in the business who has the luxury of 'heads '
  2. They do not buy full clubs, but receive heads only from OEMs
  3. They only receive heads, and not full shafts from the OEM. Everett was an early adopter of SST Pure so they may have had input into the technology as it evolved, giving Nick the opportunity to buy it.
  4. Can you recall the name of thread where you posted that evaluation?
  5. All CC builds are in Willowbrook, IL, a few steps from where Everett had his second shop (the fist was in a small storefront about 1 mile away) Your Fitter will never see the inside of the build shop for any customer, it's not what they do.
  6. They buy heads only, not full clubs, from the OEMs
  7. They are 'pricey,' but realize that they have rent and utilities, the build out cost of the facility, as well as labor at each store, AND, they own all the equipment you will be using during the fitting, plus they need to generate a return for the investors and business.. Tour Spec and the rest all have similar cost issues. I think the fitting is a necessity, but also realize none of the fitters have photographic memory. They're looking to see how you load a club, transition characteristics, how you release into the ball, etc., and put quantifiable evaluations to those parameters. Having all that, they then access a shaft database that allows them to narrow the shaft world to 5-6 that will likely fit your need. That database by the way was originally started by Tom Wishon and if memory serves me well, I believe Everett Lockinvitz of EJL also had a hand in persuading shaft manufacturers so share their shaft profiles with he, Tom, and a few others. Should you use them to build the clubs they suggest? Me, Joe K, and a few others can do just as good of work.
  8. Interested to see how it compares to 'The Brick" Nice that Dave doesn't copy every putter ever made and then claim it as his own, he actually puts some thought into it. I could go see Nick at Club Champ who I've know for 20+ years but it's 50 miles, inside, and on a short platform which I don't think has much value. Biggest issue I have with a fitting is a very strong left eye. I've had a van putter from Bobby Grace and a couple from the TaylorMade tour van and it showed me how off the rack isn't very good for most. Thanks for asking
  9. With Rifle shafts, that amount of difference was noticeable
  10. Any Cadillac DTS - golf bag, practice equipment, robokaddy, pvc tube with extra shafts for the driver and 3 wood, room for a couple of pairs of shoes, room for foul weather gear, and all of it in the trunk
  11. Joe, Chicago area 60 --- 1 First set -- Callaway tour issued 09 XForged, now with Aerotech i95s after removing Project XFlighted. Reworked for a heavier swingweight Second set -- Custom shop 2014 TM Tour Preferred CB with Aerotech i95s Wedges are a bunch 6 Callaway MacDaddy 2s, C or T Grind, Rifle Spinner 5.5s in 56* and 4.5s in 60* (original spinners, not the DG Spinner) A couple of Edel 56 DVR grinds with 5.5 Spinners A couple of PM Grind 60*, one with a HiRev and one with a HiRev 2 A couple of Callaway Jaws ((unused) 56/16 with Spinner 5.5s Do all my own work to fit my own needs.
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