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  1. I'm a scientist, and because of how my arms and hands hang differently than most (about 45* inward), I knew at a young adult age that that issue would cause problems with every swing motion I made. I'm not surprised it took a long time for the golf business to figure it out, as outside of the club designers, the business is not filled with people who question accepted lore. I had mentioned Edel, not so this fella would buy an Edel putter, but so he would watch the videos to understand the biomechanical aspects.
  2. Learn how your forearms / shoulders/ hands manipulate a club. Search on Utubee for the Edel videos that cover this subject. It is more important than the loft / lie fitting and no one in a fitting studio (other than an Edel studio) will assess this for you.
  3. When one is paying the annual dues and fees at Butler National, putters must be sold where ever the $$ can be had.
  4. Good link. IMHO, so many non TGM instructors like to go out of their way to say they aren't reaching TGM, when in reality, nearly every instructor uses TGM terminology, methodology, and left vs right comparison, without having any basic knowledge of TGM. As with any teaching method, how the instructor coveys the info is key to the student's success. Mann gets a bit deep in the weeds, but he is understandable for those of us who think in that way.
  5. This video provides an answer to your original question about the action of the left wrist:
  6. Curious, who did you call at CC? At which CC location were you fit? Which Aerotech shift were you fitted for? What is the Swingweight of your old irons and what is the swingweight of the CBs? Any change in length of irons old to new?
  7. Listen to what he says about how the swing is esssentially the same for every club. This motion is a hittting motion
  8. It is extermely obvious that he is a hitter. Hogan was a hitter, Snead was a hitter
  9. Hitter is a right side motion for a right handed player. It's a different motion than a left side motion for a right handed player, which is a swinging motion. Darren Clarke is a hitter for example.
  10. Might you begin to understand the beauty of the right forearm and not focus so much on the left arm.?
  11. So much of this is how you feel particular parts of the body working, be they hips, shoulders, arms, etc. Some feel the proper articulation of the hip socket / head of femur, while others are more in tune with arm movement: still others are more in touch with torso. I never believe anyone who tells me they fell this or that, and thus it's the magic bullet. Show me the video that supports that opinion. I spent hours, in person, listening to Manuel de la Torre, in a one person lesson, with one of Manuel's successful disciples, and another teaching pro from S Africa who is pretty damn good but has different swing theories. Manuel did not describe very well what he wanted the student to do nor what he himself was doing, and I would never have paid him a penny. His successful disciple, too, was horrible with instruction. The Other teaching pro and I spent all of 15 minutes with the student, a very good scratch, with nearly 90 tournament wins and some USGA success also, tightened up his motion, got him to cover the ball, use his hips correctly, and he gained 15 yards immediately with a 7 iron, and then every other club in the bag. The point is, instructors need to understand two things: (1) how the student processes information, and (2) How to speak to the student in how they process information. I don't process Monte's teaching style very well, and I do process Jim Waldron, who most would find too technical. I think you guys are talking past each other.
  12. Same body / shoulders / hips / hands / tendons / muscles / same movement pattern.
  13. They are not. I can and do hit wedges and 9 irons for practice, go to the first tee, and nail a driver, without a doubt. Same body / shoulders / hips / hands / tendons / muscles.
  14. Not a bad experience, a typical experience.e I don't know any low single digit players who find the caddies at these places worth a damn. They all try to double bag, and that too is pure BS, as that takes away any benefit a caddy might provide. Experience? Only a few things mattter: how was the weather, condition of the course, whether the caddy was a distraction, whether the caddy had any beneficial local knowledge (rare), and the score at the end of the day. Playing well is not the cherry on top. Mot getting distracted by a caddy who thinks they are god's gift, not being misled by a caddy, and not being paired with folks who shouldn't be there. That might be the cherry on top.
  15. Erin Hills is not a good course IMHO. Boring, few holes stand out from the rest, greens, even after the redesign, leave much to be hoped for. As to caddies, the 'suggested tip' is a joke. No one suggests a tip, a tip is based upon quality of service, knowledge of the course, personality, etc. Most at Erin and Whistling will leave you wanting, and they carry double, which is fine a local club but not at a place one plays maybe once a year at most. They will also shove everything from your carry bag into a much smaller bag, without telling you until you get to the first tee. I refused it, and I refuse to have a caddy doing doubles at places such as these. The one time I had to do it, I carried my own bag for most of the round, and they still expected a caddy fee and tip.
  16. Jim What's the real difference between GM, TruBlue and Mitchell?
  17. Seems no one, other than Jim, answered. Here's your sources. 1 - https://www.golfworks.com/lead-shaft-tip-weights/p/gw0105/ 2 - https://www.golfworks.com/rubber-tungsten-tip-weights/p/gw0121/ 3 - https://billybobsgolf.com/product/brass-swingweights-for-graphite-shafts/ Billy Bob's sources much of the equipment they make, themselves.
  18. I can't imagine how or why anyone would pick a fight with Wishon.
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