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  1. Another great Lefty series. I know he's on a lot of $hit lists right now, but he knows his stuff. Watch the first two "The Short Game" videos, and I'll bet your chipping improves immensely. He starts the pitch/chip portion about half-way through the first video. I didn't read through all the posts, but stay away from a 60 if you have one, until you get the fundamentals down with a 50-54 first.
  2. KJG67

    Bucket Hats

    Can't beat this Tilley hat... https://www.tilley.com/products/ltm8-airflo-hat?_pos=1&_sid=a01798ef9&_ss=r No issue with it interfering with my swing either.
  3. I was really surprised by the Maxfli Tour X 2019, which you can get at Dick’s for $50 for 2 dozen. I felt distance and spin around the green was reasonably comparable to the ProV1. I thought the Maxfli Tour’s were too soft for me. Although you can get the Tour’s in yellow or green I believe. Haven’t tried the new models. Otherwise, Snell or LostGolfBalls is the way to go.
  4. When your partner is having a hilariously horrible day and the beer cart comes by, ask “Do you sell tampons? He needs to stop the bleeding.”
  5. Your partner sends a putt past the hole - mumble “USGA.” When they look at you funny, tell them “You Suck Go Again.”
  6. 1. Ken / Illinois 2. Old Gore Tex jacket from work. Jeans or shorts for bottoms :( 3. Midwest thunderstorms tend to have a lot of lightning, so I get in before I turn out like the priest in Caddyshack. However I have been caught in brief downpours, getting completely soaked in the process. If I had decent rain gear, probably would play more in light rain.
  7. Sorry if I’ve missed it, but is there a listing what what drivers are in the database, and/or how current is it with some of the new releases? Looking back to a December post, the TS2 still wasn’t in there??
  8. Thanks! That’s very helpful. Will have to add this to the Christmas wish list now!
  9. This is what worries me the most and why I’ve held off purchasing it (really bummed too because I liked the Turkey Day offer). Also stuck inside in Chicago and worried about swinging them indoors. At 5’10” and a slightly over-the-top swing, is 9’ close enough? Wife would kill me if I put a divot in the ceiling [emoji16]
  10. We just did a Par Under the Stars outing a couple months ago. Great fun!!
  11. Just adding my compliments as well. Rob for putting himself out there for so many to see that golf fittings can be helpful for everyone. TXG for demonstrating how to do a fitting right by helping make reasonable swing adjustments to support Rob's long term success as a golfer, and fit his equipment properly. Great job!
  12. Try here: https://www.mizunousa.com/category/shafts+and+grips.do?gc=100939&content_component_qp=Shaft&content_type_qp=Wood&content_material_qp=Graphite&pp=12&sortby=ourPicksAscend&cx=1
  13. Actually was just looking at these. I don't grip myself, so would need to go to PGA Superstore or a local pro shop. My only concern (naive question) - how do you ensure / confirm they are installed with the club face neutral? Was just going to get one or two clubs done to try.
  14. Ken / Illinois (Chicagoland) 917 D2 / Matrix 7M3 Black Tie Graphite (actually not thrilled with the 917 D2 for me, so looking at options as it's adding strokes) 95-98 mph / 18 (generally shoot low/mid 90's for 18; low 40s for 9) 9.5 / TENSEI CK White, Stiff 76g Play 1-2x every week and hit the range at least 1x week, so will have time to play and review. Absolutely can dedicate more time if the opportunity to test comes along. Thanks.
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