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  1. We announced the concept of the Brella last FEB, now have inventory and have 1 tester input but want 5 more. The Brella is multi-use: users can wear it for working outside, delivering packages, golf, hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, skeet and trap, fishing and hunting, at their kid's soccer games, or just taking the dog for a walk. It won't win any design awards, it just performs well. The Brella is an adjustable, high performance, waterproof rain garment for active outdoor sportspeople that can be customized. Customized? Yes, you can get a custom fit at the waist, sides an
  2. I'm not sure how to answer individual comments here but permit me to address some of your thoughts: the Brella is a waterproof garment that has 4 snaps on the right and the left to customize the fit at the waist. It looks loose in the photo because the snaps are not closed. You can see a diagram of this feature in the applications attachment and also at: http://www.brellabrella.com/products The Brella is designed for total freedom of movement for the upper body and arm so as not to inhibit the flow of the swing. This is demonstrated on the web site video at: http://www.brellabrella.com
  3. Brella Brella LLC has just introduced the Brella at the PGA Merchandising show with great results and global interest. The Brella, a lightweight, high performance waterproof garment, is designed for outdoor sports enthusiasts who are active with their upper body and need freedom of movement protection, and water protection. The Brella is ideal for outdoor activity like golf, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, fishing and other applications per the attached. To view the Brella in action, please click: http://www.brellabrella.com/distribution . You can private label the Brella for c
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