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  1. Sam, Wi Rocketballz 4 hybrid 23° Regular flex (fitted for x-stiff) Hybrid strengths- my hybrid is my go to club if there's a tight fairway I need to hit and put it the exact spot and shape I want it. Its the one club I've been able to hit great throughout the swing changes I've made. The shaft I play is not stiff enough and I'd love to give an in depth review of the latest the golf industry has to offer. I play my hybrid strictly by feel/feedback and control. My weaknesses with my hybrid is that the shaft is too whippy for me so when I misshit a shot the ball will spray all over. And
  2. I game the TP5 and honestly I love the soft top 3 covers the most. I have a relatively high swing speed (115) so you'd think the 5X would be for me. But I just like the softness and sound off the putter of the 5. It was a weird feeling having a different feeling with each group of clubs (putter, wedge, irons, drivers/woods) and once I got used to it I couldn't think of going back to the proV1. Just a disclaimer. I'm a taylormade loyalist so my bias might be shine through here but they really have made a ball worth all the chatter it's getting. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. not trying to be a critic but with the new data Microsoft has been collecting for the tour that saying has been debunked. The players who drive the ball the best/most accurate make more birdies. When I saw that I was surprised. Just wanted to share being a fellow reader. (Not trying to be a hater or critic) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. My key is honestly just trusting my swing. My driver has historically been one of my stronger clubs (12 handicap so I'm no DJ) but I've always been able to keep it somewhere i can get a good second shot from. I hit it around 280-300 on a good day and i drive the ball best when I play the game I have not the game I want. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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