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  1. So last night I spent about an hour putting and the wobble gradually disappeared. I think a combo of getting used to the slightly lighter putter and adjusting my grip pressure did the trick. The Nike putter I had was heaver so I'm hoping it was just a matter of getting a little more comfortable with my new one. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. Hi, Last night I received my new custom fit Ping Sigma G B60 putter. I've noticed that the putter head will wobble a bit in my takeaway. It has been cut down to 32 inches, my prior Nike Method putter was 35 inches and I had to choke down beyond the grip on it. Didn't notice any wobble when I was being fitted. Is this just a matter of getting used to the new club? Could it be too light? Anyone experience this? Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. I wont be playing in any tournaments, just for the fun of it. The grooves and grip seem fine. I was thinking of bringing them to Golf Galaxy and have one of the pro's there take a look. Thanks for the responses guys!
  4. Hi. This is m first post and I was wondering when it's time to buy new wedges? My Cleveland Tour Action Reg 588 49 & 56 degree wedges are 10 years old now. I'm just getting back into the game after about 8 years of only playing a handful of rounds a year. Other than the usual nicks here and there they are in decent shape. I plan on playing at least once a week once the courses open up (I live in CT). Should I replace them? Thanks for any input.
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