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  1. Two positives today. Went out with my nephew who shot a -1 under 35. Just fun watching people play this game right. Second positive was beating the rain and cold that now has overtaken the area Now my score :( . Shot a 53, but the ball striking was really spot on for me. Just a few bad decisions cost me from being mid 40’s imho.Its a marathon not a sprint for improving in this game.But my nephew did say that my short game is horrendous.And my ball striking should easily net me better than what I am.Maybe a new driver or irons might help me a bit?
  2. Still , Francesco’s first masters try. And was in contention the whole time. That in itself is impressive.Shows how much game he truly has
  3. What an event. How many on here will rewatch this whole event from day 1?
  4. I used to idolize hogan - Snead - Nicklaus . Tiger is the modern day combinations of all three of them
  5. If your not a fan of sports. Than go hide under a rock History happening right now
  6. Sounds like you won a green jacket yourself that weekend. We had a rumor from a few members that had many conversations with both Jack and Arnie in the day . They as well had many one night flings during the Masters in Augusta. Just rumor
  7. The question should be . How dominant would Nicklaus, Jones , Snead and Hogan have been with today’s tech ? This includes trackman and on course coaching and gps yardage books. Would Nicklaus have won 45 majors ?
  8. Agree. But if I had to choose one day that was a must watch. It would be Sunday
  9. Are you considered a non avid golfer if you don’t watch or follow the Masters?Arguably the biggest weekend in all of golf.I for one am glued to the TV. But know many in my group who never - rarely watch it and rather play golf. What do you think?
  10. Kinda cold and chilly today. But seemed to have my best round this year. A 44 for 9 holes. Which showed some promise in the scoring department. My biggest improvement was chipping and pitching. I tried hovering the clubhead above the grass. Rather than set the club on the ground. Helped me not get stuck on the way back. No dubs or skulls over the green today. Things are finally looking up for me. Feels like I’m playing golf
  11. Another round over 100 today. With a final tally of 107. From tee to green I was quite impressive again. On and around the green is what is hurting me now. Many shots wasted by either dubbing it or blading one over the green. Still, I took many positives away from today’s round. The biggest was how beautiful of a day it was. And spending 6 hours in this type of weather is worth it every time . Can’t wait to play again
  12. About 8 shots higher. I’ve tried to improve thru many many lessons . On and off the course including course management skills and even a sports psychologist- teacher. It’s just a heck of a hard game. I keep telling myself I’m one great tip or feeling away from playing good fun golf. One day I will get this game. Thirty years in and still have about twenty five years left to be called a true master of my craft
  13. A real bad day today. Played a tough - challenging - long - par 72 : 6250 yard beast of a course. The rating of 68 is way too low for this place. Sadly, I didn’t break 100 and shot a 106. No matter the anguish I endured. Still feel I’m only a swing feel - thought or - position from really nailing this game and shooting good golf. Really feel like I’m close this time
  14. Another day where the score was not a real good example of my ball striking. I shot a 54 for 9 on a course that just opened after the winter snows. Many little twigs and old leaves on and around the greens. And the fairways and rough were like hitting off of a wet sponge. My tee game and approach shots were coming off the club like butter. The rest of the game really showed slot of rust from the long lay off. Took many positives from this round. And ball striking in general was superb
  15. I actually got out today and played 9 holes. The score didn’t at all represent how well I struck the Ball. I shot a 47 that could’ve easily been a 41. Putting was terrible. I really really felt I could’ve turned 5 bogeys into 5 pars. Bad judgments and being overly aggressive on the first putt season looks promising
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