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  1. Watched a few events briefly on tv and just couldn’t get into it. Not saying they still can’t play well. I’m more interested in the regular tour
  2. Played 18 today and shot 47-47 for a 94. For how I played it felt like I shot at least 10 shots lower than that. Was out as a solo and zipped around in 3 hours with no one in front or behind me in a cart. Was a great great day. Nice not losing any golf balls and being in spots where you can take a full swing at it
  3. You guys all look like low handicap solid golfers To me
  4. Something just odd about this ad. Not sure what it is
  5. Played nine and can happily say I shot a 47. Maybe not great for others here. But anything in the 40’s is a good day for me. Just swung in tempo and I let the club head do the work. Watched my aim and ball position and gravity did the rest. Club felt like an anvil in my hands. Hope I can remember and keep that heavy feeling next time out. Really feel like I have a good round in me this summer. Just where and when is the million dollar question
  6. I’m really amazed more events haven’t been cancelled. Golf has to be the luckiest sport when it comes to decent weather. That old saying “ it never rains on a golf course” must hold true. I know they have had Monday finishes before. But rarely does an entire event get completely cancelled. Not sure many other sports could boast this claim
  7. I couldn’t find this on a google search. But has there ever been a tour event (ladies - men’s) been completely cancelled because of bad weather? One of my co workers mentioned that he thought a few past hurricanes completely cancelled-postponed a few tour events.But he wasn’t sure. Any you members recall ?
  8. I’m going to do this in my den.Since I will be shut out of golf for days with all the heavy rain.One thing that always helped me is thinking tempo only on the course.Do you thinking just focusing on a nice smooth tempo is a good thought as well ?
  9. Weather has been terrible for almost any outdoor activities this past month.Got out on a gorgeous 81 degree day and just played terrible.Shot a 58 for 9 holes and left the course. I hit just about every bad shot a golf club could possibly hit in a lifetime.Bad storms and more heavy rain slated for the next 7 days again.So now I have to live with all the bad memories from that debacle in the sun yesterday It’s weird..I felt so happy to just be on the course yesterday.And I really felt like a decent round would be the gift the golf gods would give me.Sadly, they gave me a real bad one.Not sure what part of my game needs addressing
  10. I love golf and love going to the gym; However, the gym is basically useless —or others —unless We develop a more proper swing technique. Proper technique in golf will trump getting in shape every time in our games
  11. The answers with this are endless. Personally I’ve heard lack of time - the cost- how hard the game is - family first motto- bad weather - a feeling of not fitting in with others- on and on . And even heard a few tell me the game isn’t exciting enough for their tastes. Might be hard tracking. But I feel more are cutting back or quitting the game versus brand new golfers . It is what it is. Not a sport for everyone
  12. I would think most would be honest on these sites. What would one really have to gain by lying?
  13. Went to my nephews little league baseball game today.He is 7 and is in the second tier group (ages 7-9).The second tier is no pitcher, but the ball is shot from a pitching machine.Anyway, to my surprise the coaches were keeping stats and they also had a score (winner and loser team).Whatever happened to just playing the game for fun at this ripe age of 7-9.Why the stats and why even have a score?I would think being out there making new friends and learning a new sport should be the main goal.When I was a youth many moons ago we never worried about winning or losing until 5th grade little league.
  14. Finished our red white and blue event yesterday. And the best ball round was very poor. Just wanted to say we finished dead last. My playing partner, who is a member of the club, felt so embarrassed by our scores. But I told him it isn’t that big of a deal. In a few days no one will even remember we played or who won. But we both had a good time.So for me, that is like winning
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