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  1. Played almost a dozen holes today before the rain arrived. Played with the same partner that had the ladies graphite shafted clubs. Today I was able to really see the difference. Accuracy was uncanny. But the loss of distance was very staggering. My normal 7 iron is 140. The ladies club would maybe go 125 at its best for me. It was a nice relief keeping the ball in play every swing. So really has me wondering now. I’m always teeing off from the senior tees as of late. So maybe the distance loss will be negated for gain in accuracy. After the round I discussed my swing woes with our pro. And he told me its my focus in my swing giving me fits. Which he summarized as being ‘’BALL BOUND’’. How to fix that is beyond me. But I did shoot 6 over for 12 holes which was a good round for me. Even though I used my partners sticks
  2. I left with 2 impressions after watching college football all day. 1) Nebraska has the best facility. Bar none. 2) Watch out folks. The Buckeyes are for real this year
  3. Didn’t keep score today with a partner for a quick 18. He is 15 years older than me and his pro had him switch to graphite women’s shafts. Has a heck of an accurate game and really always had. So for some reason I was struggling badly early. Just out of curiosity I tried his clubs for a few holes. And walla, beautiful piercing draws with all that I tried. It felt so effortless swinging his clubs. I know the old adage of the Indian or the arrow. But the arrow i tried today had me thinking. Was really hard hitting a real bad shot with his clubs
  4. As an avid golfer . One issue I have is loud mouths or ones out there not taking the game seriously . Example would be racing the carts down the paths or hills. Or maybe drinking a little more than my liking. I’ve played many a course around this country that i ran into this . Either being joined up with or playing behind or in front of. We’ve told the rangers and little will improve . Or they will only improve when the rangers are watching. If I dealt with this on a daily basis I would think about leaving the game. For me Golf is a sanctuary or an escape from headaches. I’m not expecting anyone to be a tour pro . But I do expect others to treat the game and the course like a tour pro would
  5. Well In all sincerity and honesty.The elitism is why I’m actually playing the game.I enjoy playing with and associating with like minded professionals like myself.If your into hardcore get down and dirty hobbies.Than golf won’t be a great fit for you.Why I love Our club.It is exclusive and it is how we like it.Best to research a club that lets you fit in.That is what is great about golf
  6. I’m noticing many a golf forum is dying a slow death due to Instagram and other media outlets. But My golf spy forum is still alive and well. The banter on here is like no other. I love the honesty and opinions by so many. Again, people leave golf who were avid because of how damn hard the game is. Golf manufactures are pushing the boundaries trying to make this game more user friendly. But no matter how hard They try . It’s still such a darn hard game. People just get sick of hacking it all over day in and day out. The median score is still 95 I believe for 18. And that is a hacking round no matter how you look at it
  7. I agree with the last few posts.The sport is really trending more elitist.And going back to its 1960ish “ I’m better than you roots”.Its real obvious every where I go.Kinda holding back and not saying a lot but just enjoying the game.It is getting to the point where the members are starting to look down more on others more than I can remember.If it keeps trending this way I might be looking into new hobbies as well.The nerve of these people and the aura they give off is just so toxic for growing the game.Im at the point now in my life where instead of fighting a bad situation.Im going to just walk away with my head held high.So yes!! I can see why many avid golfers walk away.Only so much one can take of elitist a*holes.And the sad thing they see nothing wrong with the way they act or how their cronies act.And I was actually very pleased my son never had any interest as of late for golf.Im not going to promote this game to anyone knowing what I know.Was always a huge backer of this game.No more,at times I’m embarrassed telling my friends I play golf.Honestly,,...If your an a**hole, or rich elitist than you most likely play golf.
  8. Agree Carl. When it rains it pours in this game
  9. Went out for a solo 18 hole round since league and men’s club are over. Just a beautiful day with barely a soul on the course. Oddly, I was so relaxed but played so poorly. I started off snap hooking my driver- 3 and 4 irons all over the lot. Than near the end of the round I started hitting huge push slices with the driver that went right of right. The short irons were bad as well. Started off as weak pushes and finished with pulls left. I guess in the scope of things it doesn’t matter since I was a solo. But can’t explain how this total break down seems to creep in quite frequently. My clubs are all custom fit and yet the dispersion is so erratic. I’m always monitoring my setup - stance and ball position along with a good tempo. Really frustrated now
  10. Was reading some Instagram and online Facebook posts from various college schools. Some - many people in this land of ours have no shame or regrets. Bashing and downgrading young youth for playing bad or losing a game. The comments are way to vicious to post here and offensive. Some post under fake screen names. Many post using their real names. Just sad times bashing young kids going out every weekend and doing the best they can. Many of these kids will never go on the NFL. Really disgraced me reading that. What would happen if others talked about their sons the way they do. Really makes me despise the way the college game is headed
  11. It’s hard not to like this team
  12. UCF out of the top 10 is a travesty. Michigan !, seeing their true colors now sadly. Notre Dame, time to see where this program is and where it needs to go. Alabama! Can’t they at least play a decent team. Clemson - Ohio State ,running the tables for sure. And what about some love for USC? Besting Stanford and Utah back to back. And not even ranked ??
  13. It’s just such a difficult game . And many might give up if they can’t be at the competitive level they were used to.
  14. Been running into a rash of former golf partners that were extremely avid long term golfers.Im perplexed why they are leaving this great game?And it’s quite a bit more than I anticipated.All skill levels from scratch - to - high cappers.What is going on?
  15. On a lighter note from this sad day of remembrance. I’m not sure what is harder to deal with . An angry spouse or dealing with Comcast on the phone fixing an internet issue a toss up
  16. https://youtu.be/h1f5n25VIsU and she is long
  17. It is a spiritual moment really
  18. I was big into that a few years ago. Enjoyed every second of it. Even the days where I got nothing. Especially like it when you can find a secluded river spot or fast running stream
  19. Interesting tony. I’ve had this happen to couple of members of your group. We had a few guys quit mid season and never return to golf after playing avidly for decade upon decade. One second they are in our group. Next day in beyond they vanish like a ghost. Will see them in public and they tell me they just decided they needed to stop. Not sure if I can put the brakes on that fast when it comes to golf. And quit for good without ever wanting to come back one day. But these guys stuck to their words and never returned.
  20. I’m seeing this more and more. What I don’t get his how some one can just quit immediately after doing a hobby for a decade or more. And doing a hobby avidly . Barring a major life changing event
  21. Great job Ole Grey. I did 80 myself today at the gym this morning. Four sets of 20, getting nice and low and slow. My damn shoulder gets me off of the 100 a day challenge. So I’m doing 80-100 3x times a week. For strength and core building. Push ups are really the ultimate. And adding in planks and pull ups ( if we can do them ) are one heck of a work out. I do believe a 100 a day for maybe 3-6 months would show some huge body changes in all of us
  22. Met a absent golfing partner that I haven’t seen on the course forever.He was a real perfectionist on his game.From full swing down to a 1 foot putt.He was a real student of the game from online coaching to many a in person clinic.Got his game down to a 2 or 3 handicap as well.He told me one day he just decided to up and quit golf and never returned.That was almost 4 years ago.Really stunned me how one can just quit the game so briskly.And after all the effort and hard work he put into it.That is a bad sign for golf when guys like this leave
  23. I went to the BMW in Chicago a few years back. And we followed the last group the whole front 9. After they were making the turn we decided to sit by the green for while after they left. Was amazing looking back down the front 9 side how empty and serene the course was. Almost like no one even played their all day. The beauty of an empty course always gets me
  24. With the teams like Penn State-Iowa-Ohio State and ND left to play. Michigan better get their act together and get it together fast. Shane Patterson missed receivers that easily were 5 feet beyond coverage wide open.
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