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  1. Is it me. Or are these major championships all turning into ‘how low can you go’ events.Damn these guys are good
  2. I know the site well. That place sounds like a real train wreck
  3. I met my current girl friend 4 months ago online.And we are a perfect match.She is huge into fitness just like myself.And she even golfs(which has no bearing on me at all).She is gorgeous and would easily be mistaken for a run way model.And is financially well established For online golf.I met some great folks at an custom clubshaft event .Really enjoyed myself.Unfortunately the guy running the site made the event uncomfortable and not as enjoyable.Never posted again after the event was over
  4. Let’s hear some positive or negative online experiences you’ve had.Maybe new golf partners met.Or maybe even meeting that special someone
  5. I actually had a great experience visiting a club for possible membership.The normal price is an astounding $9k a year for all the amenities.However; do to the clubs need for new members.They are offering a casual member pass for $1k for the season.This is for unlimited golf-range balls-and cart Monday - Wednesday.Sure we can’t play the weekends.But for the course conditions and challenges it is highly worth it.Many courses are really pushing for more members
  6. Played in a real small church scramble and we shot a -5 65. Didn’t win, but didn’t finish last either. Winner was -16. But did have a weird swing experience. I hurt my shoulder some how and couldn’t get the club past 3/4. So the only way I could hit the ball was forgetting hands and arms (which Is how I swing) . And focus on the body swinging the club. Meaning turning big on the way back and way thru. And letting the body hit the ball. I hit the ball excellent. The ball flew lower with a running draw. Maybe it was a fluke , not sure. But it worked
  7. Thank you. This is why I hate any instructional golf area of a forum. It turns into my instructor is better than yours mess. If an instructor can make me play a little better and enjoy the game more I’m more than happy. Past accomplishments really mean very little too me. Or and whose who in their stable of players they coach
  8. crickets he turned pro in 2013.Missed one cut this year and finished 54th in the pga championship.Some of these teaching pros credentials really make me snicker at times.Cant make this stuff up.Im outta this thread
  9. In the big scope of things the Dan and Monty are a bunch of nobodies compared to George.Online golf is such a small niche of less than 1% of people who actually play golf.Im going with a guy that makes a presence by the players he teaches that compete on the big stage.Either the junior - collegiate or the tours is where he is known.Not a online forum that people maybe visit once in their lives or maybe even never by the majority
  10. Had a bunch of success swinging this way back In the day. And this method had a huge huge following. Rarely hear about it anymore. Is it still valid ?
  11. We have a member that actually went for a few one and ones with Mr Gankas.The lessons really ramped up his already solid game.Online is great.But what I heard, in person is the way to go with this teacher.And agree with the above poster.The other online instructors can’t compete with this guy.Some say they teach PGA. Tour pros.But oddly they are teaching the ones who are never a factor in tour events.This guy teaches proven winners on all fronts of golf.From top juniors all the way to winners on the big stage.These other online teaches really better amp up their games
  12. George is light years ahead of all the other online golf instructors.They are getting lapped actually.I purchased some videos from an online instructor from golf works last week called drive for dough.The videos were just gawd awful.My gift for myself will be joining Gankas new website.He has the results and is in huge demand.The rest of these guys are a real disgrace
  13. I just started taking golf seriously the last 4 seasons.Ive ran into many an online golf scam without prior knowledge of what I was buying.Im hoping I’m at least better now in deciphering all the BS out there First :signed up for a generic Golf Digest tip website.That basically was a clip and paste from online magazines or articles of other various websites. Second: Bought some arm gizmo called the Greg Norman secret.Some hodge podge training aid that caused me more pain and discomfort than fixing my swing Lastly: signed up for the membership on the Hackers Website.Will leave it at that
  14. I recently got scammed signing up for a fake golf coupon website.They used my paypal for signing on as a member with my consent.I called some courses on the list and none honor or even heard of the online organization selling the coupons.Luckily I contacted PayPal and they said their resolving and looking into it. lets hear any of your so called scams you ran into.Where you spent funds but just didn’t receive the product you thought it would be.No need for listing the websites name.A description and short description will be fine
  15. I just saw this video on YouTube. And I’m going to buy a few dozen and try them.What the hell do I have to lose anyway
  16. I’m not sure what this year will bring. But one thing for certain. I will be in line at the Notre Dame ticket office on July 25 th when tickets go on sale. Everyone was talking about this years senior open at Warren being the big event this summer at ND. Well, July 25 th each year is a mad house. Lines will easily be 1/2 mile long or more
  17. I got a new start in golf last year after a 10 year break from multiple injuries and ailments.Without the changes I made, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able swinging the club like I used to.Saw a pro a few hours south that has been recommended for anyone suffering from major body issues.My swing was changed from a conventional motion that gave me tremendous shoulder pains and back issues.Into a swing that was more vertical with little body movement.More upper body hand influenced swing.Its very steep I’m transition.But with the nuances he showed me.Im now able hitting a driver 220 carry and able to enjoy golf again at a young age of 70.Its actually very efficient and deadly for 150 yards and in.This really goes against the mold of modern golf teachings.But there was no way in the world I could play golf again swinging the modern way. who on here changed their swings accommodating their limitations.And what did you change
  18. PXG irons and custom Calloway woods. Not a shabby set for hackers like me and him.. I’m super jealous . But it reality they hook and slice just like the rest of them for most of us
  19. I’m feel different about this topic.Im one who thinks the design of the club (lie/shaft flex/weight) will develop your swing.Mr Hogan developed the swing he had from a set of extremely flat stiff irons.
  20. If you posted this on the Hackers Website.They would strip you of US citizenship and deport you immediately no questions asked
  21. Played with a buddy today who always has those top of the line stocked golf bag. But has a game that never utilizes that high dollar equipment. He will slice - hook - dub on command. But all his equipment is custom fit and looks spectacular. I’m also one who can’t say as much. As my equipment is all set for my game and I can hack it up very bad as well So my question is. What is more important the game you play. Or having the equipment designed for you ?
  22. Well, a great day today. Shot an 80 on a real solid par 70 track this morning. (40-40) with 2 solid pars on the final 2 closing holes. Also had the great feeling of taking a solid flush divot all day long. Even taking a divot with my 3 wood. Not sure why, but when I get those divots the scores will be competitive for me. And the ball usually has a nice draw or fade on it that stays in play. Maybe when I don’t take a divot I lose my low point and flip at it lowest round in 2 seasons . So happy
  23. For a body competitions.You dedicate every hour to your body.Your sleeping and eating-fasting regimens must be perfect before you even hit the gym for 4-6 hours daily.Than you have to develop a stage routine and make sure every inch of your body is symmetrical and better than anyone else.These drastic steps must be followed months before a competition.So going to a big event and failing badly can take a huge toll on many.It sure did with me.Really put in perspective on how far behind I was.Made me realize the hard way that I just couldn’t compete with these guys.Couldnt sacrifice anymore
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