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  1. I’m really killing it now at the gym . I have more time since I decided to put golf on the shelf until summer months. Just completely fed up with golf at this time
  2. Been trying alternative push ups and really noticing results now. I will do push-ups one legged (with one leg in the air) . Tried different tempos (slow - fast - and super slow ) . Combining over a 100 each time I go to the gym . And lifting weights for form not heavy weight is really working. My before photos from the fall to where I am now are real stunning. But more importantly, my endurance is way up.Ive been spending an 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs without pain .
  3. I’m sure this is an oldie. But really having a blast playing Minecraft on the Xbox. Talk about a game that you can spend hours on
  4. Agree good buddy. I’m often wondering if they are just pushing protein powder and supplements on me for more profits. At our age I need to consider safe vs fast. Nothing wrong with chicken that is for sure
  5. You have any other hobbies?
  6. I would say just worry about your short game. Your not a pro and will never be. If using your natual swing makes golf easier and more enjoyable for you . Than just do that
  7. Into my sixth lesson of throwing motion as a golf swing.And sadly, I still can’t replicate my simple under hand toss with even a 10 yard pitch.The pro is excellent, and one of the most easy going guys I have ever met.He makes me feel so relaxed and really inspires me mastering this golf swing Mumbo Jumbo.Just beating myself up why I can’t physically do this simple task.Over and over nightly I practice his drills and can’t do it.Ive even spent evenings just under hand tossing golf balls in my net with no club.Are some of us just doomed?And I think I’m in the majority here.Such a simple task.My swing is all hit and casting-over extending-no turn thru.Just can’t reprogram myself.This teacher is by far the best I’ve ever had.He knows the swing and he has such a strong stable of players he has helped.Really frustrating, have had some great teachers thru the seasons.And no one has changed my ingrained bad motion.Almost feel like giving up and just hit the darn ball and deal with the consequences
  8. Have had some great success in this dept lately. My body fat index is now 23% from 28%. But no matter what I do. I keep on packing on more and more muscle using the supplements my trainer prescribed for me. I’m looking real bulky in areas, but thinner around the waist
  9. Well , I skipped the story mode. And did the free roam last night. Game is just beautiful, like an actual movie or picture of the Wild West.Im pretty sure I don’t have the time or patience for the story mode.But I do enjoy just wandering around taking in the sights and sounds.At one point, my character stood on the bank of a small river with some heavy rapids next to a slight mountain and woods. The birds were flying chirping overhead and trees moving in the wind.Than out of the blue a grizzly came out of the woods and proceeded at the edge of the river and began hunting for salmon. He caught one in his mouth and started eating it on a nearby rock. Was breath taking, really felt with the 4 k graphics like I was there.
  10. I like searching YouTube for a gem here or there. These are some that have some great insight if you listen closely https://youtu.be/4D3oD4QtVQ4 https://youtu.be/0zxWzmZWHTQ
  11. I bought Red Dead Redemption 2.And honestly it’s a snooze fest. Yes , it looks great.But it’s almost too in-depth for my liking. There is way too much conversing-analyzing and reading for my liking.When I think a cowboy game I think shoot outs at Ok Coral or such.This is about survival-plotting- and moving slowly from one location to the next.For someone with unlimited time this is great.But I like picking up a controller and smashing or shooting something right from the start
  12. I would say this is 95% of the guys I play with . And they are some decent sticks. They learned the basics from a pro growing up. Or a parent that played golf. Developed a solid game with a one way miss. And they are 0% internet golfers. I’m the only one who reads and posts on these things of the big group. I’ve noticed that most on these sites are full of confused and lost- bad players like me who are looking for a quick tip of the day. I’ve never had the golf gene and maybe never will
  13. As I stated (amateur) golfers like us for this thread. When do we determine our swings are functional. And go out and just play knowing your ball will go right to left or left to right? This game can be so expensive when it comes to golf lessons. I’m sure we know of, or might be one of us, peeps that decided this is what they have. Just grip it and let the ball fly. Only take a lesson when things completely fall apart comments ..
  14. I know the big PGA show is going on. But I went to another trade show this afternoon. The Home Depot building materials-doors-window expo. It was massive is an understatement. Learned about all the forms of drywall- adhesives - lumber- synthetic porches- man doors- custom doors- rock- mulch- lighting - and on and on. Was invited by a friend who is a contractor. Was 5 hours of pure boredom. But just amazed how they fit in all the booths- vendors and exhibits in such a tiny area. The visitors and exhibits were just fanatical about this stuff. Glad that is over
  15. Great posts.Feel bad for ya Gswag.Maybe just stop playing golf and spend more time in the range and practice facility.Not necessarily working on your game.But taking a break from on course.I know a few that are range warriors and really if ever play golf.They just love hitting the ball
  16. So far I’m all in.But did anyone’s interest of the game ever leave them for a while?Or leave for good?
  17. I guess this is sorta like a small good bye.And thanks for your feedback and participation here.You will spend years ingulfed in a new world of Facebook groups.They are fun and as you said super addictive.Any topic you need is available on there with a huge following and endless posts and threads. Stop back on here and say hello once in a while.Your going to have a good time for sure and have a ton of catching up
  18. Sorry haven’t been very active on here. But I’ve just started experiencing Facebook groups. It’s amazing all the topics they have with the tens of thousands of members. I’m very late to the Facebook craze. But it’s amazing
  19. Just purchased this for my phone. Anyone else use it ? And what are the advantages and disadvantages ?
  20. I do the 100 push ups plus on my off days when not going to the gym . When I go to the gym, I might do a quick set of 30 pushups getting the body loose. And no more than that, and add maybe a set of 20 dips and some ab rollers. The big thing about the 100 push up challenge is watching form.I can do a quick set of 50 pushups at any time. But my form is garbage, stomach is low and chest never touches the ground.Try doing them feeling your entire body is rigid and doesn’t dip down in the middle. And breathe in from your stomach feeling tightness in your abs.Do the push-up slow and let your chest touch the ground keeping head up.If you can do 30-40 of these in one sitting doing that . You are truly an athletic person.That is a proper push-up. A hundred of these a day with slow rhythm good form will get one a upper body transformation in a few months time . And lean out that stomach area
  21. This sounds old school. But how is the Diablo series of games? I tried the Diablo 3 with nephew and had a blast doing it co op
  22. So far 2019 has been giving me mixed signals .I made one decision that some would say is bitter sweet and well deserved. But I also regret doing it, no matter the anguish I received from the other party in question. Now I’m left with the option on how to pursue the matter. And I’m at a stand still on how to go forward
  23. This might sound bad. But since I haven’t played a real round of golf in almost a decade (health and injuries). I actually can’t remember where I put my set of clubs. Been searching high and low and have no idea where they are
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