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  1. We have a lady we hired a few years back that was completely slaughtered on the net. An angry ex and his family. On revenge websites, posts you name it. She is a darn good worker and a great hire. Feel terrible for her really. After this hire our head of HR said it is the last time they research anyone on the net before hiring. The internet is getting worse and incidents like this are happening more and more.It almost needs to be regulated or let the people regulate what can be shown and what can’t. It’s getting to the point where I believe very little of what I read on it anymore. As far as the OP, if I knew who the person was it would be a bad day for them.I would personally find them and pummel them into submission. That would be my idea of revenge.
  2. I’ve been stopping at impact and extend stall and under flip getting the ball in the air. Why I do this is beyond my pay grade. And it’s so ingrained I guess I can’t stop. He speaks to me well and makes sense. His simple philosophy is throwing a club and ball is a swing in golf. When I have a ball on the ground I’m fixiated in one spot and only one spot. Hit and scoop, and if damned I can’t stop doing it
  3. It is very simple. Tossing a ball under hand right handed into a golf net simulator.Than replicate that feel with a golf club in one hand than two. I can do the ball toss 100%. With a club and ball on ground im at a big fat 0%. It’s so simple, yet so complexing hard. I really feel as if I may never get this golf swing part of golf. Maybe just live with my swing faults and work around them. My head , neck and body always stop turning with a ball on the ground. I can’t get out of that funk. And believe me, he is trying with tons of hints - tips - feels
  4. Well , went back today for my 2 Nd golf lesson throwing a ball down into a net. After working tirelessly on my last lesson. Little to nil progress has been made before and during this current lesson. As expected , the pro quickly pointed out how naturally I throw a ball under hand. But when he had me replicate with my right arm only I can completely failed. Not sure how a simple task like this can be so misconstrued by myself. He did have me think of some non mechanical keys that helped alleviate my failures. Was told to look down the fairway before I hit the ball. The results of ball striking were complete disaster doing this. Not sure how to proceed ? Maybe extending casting and stalling is just a part of my golf game
  5. I have a close buddy who has been trolled on the internet for a few years now.Comes to be that that it is one person trolling.He has been trying to destroy his name and person all over the net.With a help of an investigator.He has the persons name - phone number - address and email.Come out he is a public official and an city attorney.Very well to do financially and a public figure.Seems like he has a pass time of trolling.How would you handle this ?
  6. Is it me? Or did it seem like the majority of bowl games this year were all blow outs
  7. So many good ones out there.For me Tolkien, and Steven King are my favorites. Nothing like sitting down and reading for an adventure in the Shire and Mordor
  8. Been doing this for a year now. 130 today , and last set of 20 I hold chest to ground and count 1-2-3. Than up and do another rep.Some noticed huge changes, not much for me. Now if you can do 100 pull ups a day you will notice something amazing or do a set of Himylaian runners between each set. Or set of box squats. I can do this at work in the hallway with work uniform on
  9. Your current swing looks great. No matter what your goals are. I hope you reach them and have a great 2019 season
  10. Been 10 years now since I played a real round of golf. Extremely under the weather this holidays. So far it looks like it could be 11 years and counting. I can’t win
  11. I give you credit for posting j Luke’s.You have a long road ahead of you.I would seek an instructor that focuses on lower body dictating the swing itself.Your issues aren’t the actual motion.But more being extremely out of sync.All coming back with very poor lower body movements best of luck
  12. Semi- brag here.But on video, I may have the most technically sound swing of any internet online poster._The pro said it is scratch level quality or lower.He just raves about it being mega flaw free.Oddly it doesn’t live up to its expectations on the course when playing.I still have no clue at times where the ball will go my numbers on track man are very strong and the video backs it up.But why do I still stink it up so badly on the course?When I miss one it will be 2 counties over
  13. We have a local scratch golfer that never saw his swing on video. He fixes his own game by observing ball flight. Can anyone of you on here play golf this way? seems so simple and a great way.Learning golf by basically playing on the course
  14. Notre Dame had a wonderful season compared to the last (were 10-3 and season in 16 were 4-8) Infact they had a season that many thought would never happen. Many had them at 8-4 at best. How can anyone say they failed ???? Being in the stands this year with the ND faithful was a wonderful experience. The pride has comeback. And look at other schools , Georgia had a wonderful season besides 2 losses. So did Ohio State. Heck, even Michigan had a wonderful turn around after a shaky start. It’s one bowl game. It isn’t a factor of the entire season as a whole.This is why I hate posting on a football college thread. I enjoy posting more on groups that follow the individual teams. But when you throw us all in on one thread it gets stupid and just ugly I’m outta here
  15. Boy was that an bitter end for a great season for ND.This loss really stings
  16. 63-14 and they went for many 4 th downs. Ridiculous. This is a bowl game . Running up a score like that isn’t a good natured move. Pathetic
  17. Auburn up 42-7 against Purdue in the 4 th quarter . And Auburn coach goes for it on 4 th down. Talk about a prick move I have a team I can troll hate now all 2019
  18. That is the amazing thing. How they still shot in the 60’s on long courses not as manicured as today. With inferior equipment I often ponder how good Snead-Hogan-Nelson could’ve been with today’s equipment-technology-course conditioning-player fitness.Maybe they would’ve set records that today’s youth of golfers could never beat When you look back, these guys were very very good at their craft.Maybe better than today’s curcuit ? great post
  19. My first impression watching these vintage matches is classic have vs have nots status.Elitism at its best being protrayed here
  20. I’ve followed golf forums for almost 10 years now.And maybe it is me, but the overall posts and threads created has really dropped substantially.I remember making a thread on another forum.And within a few hours it would drop out of sight onto the second page.There was some massive online golf forum traffic back in the day.Now threads seem to hang on the opening page for almost a week at times.With little or no responses love this forum.But times have really changed.So many members have left or maybe even possibly passed away.Seems like most never hang around.Or are only about giveaways
  21. Not one to post private life. But going thru a divorce and a son that has health issues is real tough this time of year. Keeping my chin up and realizing that thru bad times good will happen
  22. This reminds me of the threads on the Hackers Forum
  23. Playing real golf really isn’t that expensive in the scope of things.What is expensive is keeping up with the Jones’s.Custom fit clubs- latests golf gadgets and attire- winter indoor simulator golf memberships- golf lessons etc.Heck, I could go out and get a year membership on a decent 18 hole track for as low as $600 a year here.Its the rest of the stuff that gets ya
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