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  1. Looking into getting a setup for home practice and range practice. Was looking at the mevo but then saw that there is a new version coming out. Definitley a higher price but a lot more features. Anyone get there hands on one yet or know of a good review?
  2. Hole in 1! Luckily I have an albatross under my belt. It was an awesome feeling but not on the level i think I would have when i someday hit that hole in 1.
  3. Caddyshack, Happy Gilmore/Legend of Bagger Vance, Tin Cup... In that order. Happy gilmore is hard not to put at #1 spot. Any of these could be watched from minute 1 or the last minute. Channel never leaves once you find it!
  4. Here in PA we are completely shut down WHICH SUCKS!!!! Don't understand why we couldn't have the restrictions and changes that other states have. The boredem is really kicking in and could really use a round. Eveyrone have seperate cart, contactless payment, and play some golf. Really looking forward to when this is lifted. Jealous of other statest that can still play.
  5. Currently have a pair of the Puma Ignite (BOA). Awesome shoe. WIth any pair of shoes took 2 rounds to break in and after that they have been one of the best golf shoes I have ever owned. The BOA is awesome always like the fact that there is not tieing of laces. Highly recommend puma!
  6. Definitley dependent on the weather. Right now I have a pair of skechers spikless and puma ignite spiked. Usaully end up taking both pairs to the course and deciding when i get there. Really like the spikless when i know its dry out and dont need the extra grip for when its wet. Like the spikeless as you can treat them like a sneaker and no need to change shoes on the way into the bar. HAHA
  7. This is one of the best golf tools I have ever purchased. Got the puttout as soon as it was available in the US when it first came out. Has definetly helped me with the short game. Then adding the mat just makes it that much better. Really like the foot markings and line up markings. One of the best products ever. Really looking forward to getting the putting mirror and gates. Got one for my dad for christmas as well. He definitley needed help with his putting. Haha
  8. - Matt - PA - Odyssey Works Versa #1 - Weakness: Would like to really improve this side of my game
  9. Matt PA HDCP: 12.1 Current Setup: Callaway XR Pro (4-PW)/KBS Stiff Shafts i500 Thank you for the oppurtunity to test out these awesome clubs!!! Keep up the great work.
  10. Man those look awesome!!! Thanks for the oppurtunity. Matt from Pennsylvania 31yo playing off an 11 Callaway XR Pro Irons (4-PW)/KBS Stiff Shaft
  11. Just wanted to give an update on the short par 4 boxes. They have been great. Been getting a lot of nice polos. Yes they have been shipping out there own brand but they are manufactured by big name brands. Have received some nice belts and hats lately as well. Wanted to throw out my code if anyone wanted to give it a try. Use this link to get $20 off coupon at Short Par 4 http://i.refs.cc/ElW2LKPC
  12. Matt from Williamsport PA Odyssey Works Versa #1 34" Odyssey O-Works #9 White/Black/White superstroke grip slim 2.0
  13. Matt- Pennsylvania 12 Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond with Aldila Rogue 60 graphite 105-110 carry 255 to 265 Wesley Bryan
  14. Awaiting my third box. I have since upgraded to the executive level for a little more. Wanted to give it a try and see what I get. Looking forward to seeing what they put in the box. Showed an example and it looked awesome. Throwing out my code if anyone wanted to give it a go. Save $20 bucks off your first box. http://i.refs.cc/ElW2LKPC/
  15. Welcome to MGS!!! Recently joined myself and have found a lot of great info!!
  16. Matt Pennsylvania Handicap: 12 Current Iron: 2015 Callaway XR Pro Strength: Hit 7 through PW the best Weakness: Inconsistent strike
  17. The Grint works awesome. Like it was mentioned above it also serves as a place to get a certified handicap. GPS has worked really well in the past. Occasionally there are times where it may be a little off. Works well with the apple watch.
  18. Awesome bag!!! If interested please make an offer. Shipping cost paid by buyer.
  19. First thing my little brother, who is 10, does when he stops by for a visit is grab the putter and go to town practicing. He has gotten pretty good a 3ft perfect putts. Still cant beat me yet Probably going to pick one up for him and my dad to practice with.
  20. Recently picked up the PuttOut training aid for a little indoor winter practice and wanted to share my thoughts. Awesome aid to keep around the house and for travel. I travel for work and found that I can take this along and it passes the time. This device has 2 options for putting. 1 you can go for a perfect putt. It requires you to have the right speed and line to make the ball stop perfectly in the hole. Great way to consistently get the feel and speed of a putt and have a great visual cue that you are succeeding. Then you can use it like a normal ball return putting aid. Device simulates regulation size cup and gives you a visual when a putt lips out of the hole. For the $25 bucks I have found that it is money well spent. Can't wait to get out on the course and see some results.
  21. Matt Handicap: 12 State:PA Currently using Apple Watch with a couple different apps. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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