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  1. I would to test this new ball. I have tried previous versions and liked them. Currently pay TitleistProV1. Swing speed: 90 Richmond, VA Titleist ProV1
  2. Chris Midlothian, VA 43, 8.3 handicap Callaway Steelhead XR Pro 4-PW True Temper 105 Regular flex, standard loft and lie
  3. $150.00 shipped Excellent condition Edel E-2 putter. This is standard, loft, lie, etc. and plays to 35". Bought it and decided to stay with my Odyssey #7. The ball comes off surprisingly soft with the pixl insert. Rare to find an Edel putter that has no initials on it and is stock. Edel is excellent to work with and they will customize, refinish, etc. to your specs and a very reasonable price. https://edelgolf.com...oration-service Maybe interested in trades like Odyssey RSX or Japan releases. Thanks for looking!
  4. I would demo the stock/ rack set you are looking at. Most clubs even cast now a days can be tweaked. They can tell you if you need stiff or regular and lie. If you know you are standard lie buying off the rack is not going to hurt you one bit.
  5. Picked up 2 pair at Burlington Coat Factory yesterday for $19.99 each...
  6. The shaft on those screw in. Reason I know is mine came loose when I was removing/ saving a grip. I had to send back to Edel. It screws in and the use either epoxy or locktite in addition. I am not very happy with their product or customer service and returned the putter back to Golf Galaxy. Putter was fine, but poor customer service and I went back to my Scotty. Just be careful with the shaft. Good Luck!
  7. I have been thinking about the air tank deal, but every time I try to justify the purchase, I have already ended up buying another putter...LOL I definitely think it would be easier saving grips that way as well. I use the flat pancake tool from Golfworks, and for super strokes, etc. I went to CVS and got a syringe. Easy peezy.
  8. I just use old towel, mineral spirits in an old windex spray bottle, pre cut tape strips. I can do a set in my garage or where ever in no time. I could even save some money saving the mineral spirits, but using spray bottle works like a charm. Bench is great, but in all reality not needed. Any major repair I take to shop, but I do all my own regrips.
  9. Lamkin deep etched, I believe Bettinardi has them as stock, but they feel nice. Baby T's are ridiculously priced IMHO.
  10. Chris Geoghegan 10.3 Handicap Richmond, VA Have been looking into purchasing a system to use on a regular basis. Thanks for the opportunity!
  11. I finished the cleaning this weekend. I will post pics of the paintfill later. I took it back to original red on Odyssey symbols and the #2 but black on all lettering. I used simple aerosol paint remover from Walmart and it removed the coating down to the metal.
  12. Problem is the the milled face, correct, the finish is also on face. I was thinking tal-strip. DO you think that would work? Thanks!
  13. Hey guys, I was directed to this thread for help with my new acquisition. Trying to see what is needed for my Odyssey Ti-Hot # 2. Question is can you remove finish with Tal-strip or equivalent or is blasting the only method? Thanks for the help!
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