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  1. Not sure air works well with many putter grips. Putter grips are like a masterpiece not all install the same.
  2. IMO call Golfworks for advice. Iron Factory would be my choice, if they can be refurbished, Iron Factory can do it.
  3. Not sure if this will assist. If you Google Cell site batteries you will find deep cell 12 v 185Ah batteries well under the prices I see in this thread. Just hook them in series for you 48 volt system. Size would've the big issue Just an option, I use them for all kinds of charge discharge stuff like golf carts, trolling motors and LED lights
  4. You may ream, however, I drill with a very tight quilled drill press. I do ream if going up in a smooth bore. I drill tapered tips to remove material, either will work as long as you have the correct equipment. I use the Mitchell club head vise with a Wilton quill. Keep this in mind if you only ream. You create a straight edge hosel which can and will cause a cut point. When I enlarge hosels I crown the hosel for a collar ferrule or to remove the cut point. Merry Christmas and may you shoot a 59
  5. Remove Holes 1-18 concentrate on hole 19. I seem to hit much better on the 19th tee box
  6. If my memory is correct Golf Works has the "How to" on .355 to .370. Look at the bottom of their website, if not a quick call. Like bending irons, not all irons can be bent and not all irons can be drilled GW will tell you. 10shot
  7. No issue, glue in a lead stem from a swing weight, rock on (just for support) . Graphite, heat gun works best IMO
  8. Couple BBQ place by the Marroit courtyard. Great golf course up the street too. See if GW can get you a discount. One more, they sell mis printed or overrun golf ball in the pro shop good deals
  9. IMO, make sure those Snakeyes can be bent. GolfWorks can assist, not all clubs can be bent and, they will break... You can adjust but remember, when adding loft you're adding bounce. Your clubs could become digger soles not good....for me I don't like diggers Have fun
  10. Check out some of the long irons in the Pro's bag. Lots of Wide soles
  11. I have several sets of Maltby irons, TE in my bag now. I switch to the DBM set when I feel like a change. I hit the TS-1 at Golf Works in the spring (19), well balanced head strikes the ball well. It is a filled head, I prefer straight Forged. The MPF factor is a well received weighting system used by several company's, you wont go wrong using it. IMO I would avoid the KE4 series no one liked them in class, neither did I.
  12. Not sure you understand how the MPF works. Search Maltby MPF. You will see all the top brands list, and yes, the MPF rating works very well.
  13. My bad, I was commenting on the Video recorder, that's a no go....sry Voice is NP Enjoy I've been to many classes there, great time and you wont find more knowledge in one place. Make sure you taken the tour of manufacturing, pretty cool stuff
  14. Interesting note: Yesterday I received email from Costco saying they will be refunding me for the 4 dozen golf balls I purchased. Seems lots of folks complained about quality so Costco refunded my total purchase to include shipping. Yes this was on the new 4 piece ball, Thanks for the 4 dozen golf balls that play awesome.
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