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  1. 10shot

    Will Lucy Li lose Amature Status?

    Rule 6-2 needs to go the way of RULE 14-4. So what if an amature made a little cash to survive, played a role in a movie. Those that work hard and use resources make it in this world....
  2. 10shot

    Club length measuring

    You can lay the club on a table place a ruler along the sole of the club aka LIE ANGLE. Then measure down the backside of the shaft to the ruler. The fudge factor comes in when you don't match the lie angle to your measurement.
  3. 10shot

    Iron Terminology

    Most blind testing I do with clubs. Players hit the ball under a shroud, the club head goes under it while the player can not see the club head. They then make the swing with not knowing which club. Most cant hit squat with MB aka Blades and love GI heads. I'd say over 60% hit better with lower CG and weighted clubs 2 terms I hear the most, term #1.)Those clubs sucked Term #2.) Hey...I like these There my 2cents on club term..
  4. I had a badge issue with a different brand, I hit a lot at the range=clean my cleans a lot. I think the water allow the dirt to get behind the badge and work at the stick back. I called TE and they sent me some new badges. Many badges are club specific as they add swing weight. good luck
  5. 10shot

    Line on ball violates Rules of Golf?

    You nailed it, hell players have lines on clubs heads, shafts and tees. Play safe and often
  6. 10shot

    New 2019 Rules of Golf

    I must say, after watching last week and this week Hawaii matches I thought I'd see more "Cleaning of the green" with the new rules. Players have been moving right along except for the Mad Scientist he got put on the clock last week.
  7. 10shot

    Head Tac

    Hello, I don't think the HEAD TACK is the same as Hot Melt for what you're looking to do. I've used HEAD TACK several times to stop rattles in club heads. Hot melting adds weight to certain areas of the club usually by drilling holes in the bottom of the club. Use LEAD weights from Golf Works. They are little rubber squares you stick on the clubs if lead tape is not to your liking.
  8. Duracare spray bottles on Amazon work well. I find the chemical we use a hard on many plastics even Mineral oil. the Duracare seems to hold up well.
  9. GolfWorks sells an epoxy cleaner in liquid and wipes, it works well. I keep it around for this type of application.
  10. Do the folks at Golfworks still do this on new gear? Good question you have asked
  11. Just moved back to the north east. You have to walk, they call it " Trail pass" $800.00 per year at many of the not so nice course we have.That just for the cart, many have primary driver rule as well, total BS. 2500.00 to 3500.00 per year for what use to cost me 1550.00. Unlimited range, play and cart some had food requirements by many didn't in the Midwest. I just have to pay up or walk, just bought a new Clicgear 3.5 works well. Wonder why tee times are VERY easy to get at 9am...hummmm.
  12. 10shot

    Question for you putter experts

    Yes, ur putter is an overlooked club as far as tuning goes. Most who tune putters will have various models with different lie, loft, grip forward, back etc. I gave a putter for fitting, the length, lie and loft all adjustable. Make sure u take the putter that feels good to the range. Big box marts want u in and out the door with ur new club in one day. Best to take it to the course and play it. Have ur normal group to play with see if they see/ say anything. Rule, if ur fitter doesn't ask u to take the club(s) to the course before buying, find another fitter. UR trail clubs should have a least 4 games before u pull the trigger on the new expensive gear. And yes tuning a putter can make putting fun again
  13. 10shot

    Favorite Holiday edition gear

    I think those look awesome, good gift Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  14. Good topic, well said. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  15. 10shot

    New rules re: penalty assessments

    As long as it is fair across the board. Only have 3 video feeds on the top players is not fair. I'm all for rules fair ones Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk