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  1. Made just try a lower torque shaft
  2. There's more years experience at The Golfworks than anywhere in the states. Good folks... Enjoy your new clubs
  3. You could try the Iron Factory. They have many refrub heads
  4. I've purchased many grips from AliExpress. Many are OEM made in China. Now, if you taking about the $40.00 grip Pride MCC 4, tour Velvet on eBay. I had a couple guys asking me to regroup using them. Give me crap because they were so much cheaper. Well I purchased several grips sets ( 13 ea) from eBay sent them to the largest grip wholesaler in the USA, counterfeit. I sell lots of grips, many folks don't play alot or, don't have 10.00 per club to spend. AliExpress has good product. It's easy to see who makes the grips, the website tells you. PGM is a large company you know. I just bought several golf cage targets from AliExpress, $18.00, Amazon, eBay $32.00 same product. Oh and free shipping. How many orders have you placed on AliExpress?
  5. You can buy grips from AliExpress for a few bucks. They are not bad at all.
  6. I've heard, Tigers balls have done lots of things no one else's balls have done... Go Tiger next up 16 !!!
  7. Who said anything about industry standard ??????? The word I used was Manufacture. Too many beers on the 9.5 tee box
  8. I would not drill that out. Drills have a way of going sideways into the hosel and tearing the edges up. You just need to find an easy out or golf shaft extractor right around the size of the shaft little smaller. Lots of well placed heat, do not use propane it will burn the top of you club head. Use Butane, up and down about 15-20 seconds in each spot, then try the easy out. This can take some time, I've seen these devils set in there for 30 minutes of work. Best take it to a pro shop it worth the 20 bucks, buy a shaft they may do it for free. Golfwork for the extractor SKU: 35P5 Good Luck 10Shot
  9. I go by this, if it's shiney stay away. If you play in hot humid states. Here's a trick, go into your golf shop, take a towel with you. Wet that towel in the restroom. Use it to wet down several grip types, you will see real quick which one's want to take off into the impact screen. Good luck.
  10. Just fly down to Irvine, Tx area. Any private course pro can hook you up. 4-8k per hole is norm for the big boys. All I can say is good luck, say Hi to Lee for me.
  11. Walmart.com has some great pricing right now on iron sets. Lots of brands, models top shelf stuff.
  12. I find the 3 wood is like the 24/38 rule with irons. Requires the Shallowing part of the swing. Maybe try large swings in golf shaft EL's (profile) see if that is an issue. I say large swing because golfers can feel it better than small increment s, then hone it in. I like low torque, high torque an I'm hitting right. I like high balance shafts with soft mid section and a 3/4" tip cut instead of 1/2". All that helps my 3 wood and driver. I do the same with my 24/38 and lower irons. 10shot
  13. Contact the folks at AliExpress. They can point you to a manufacture after a few emails. 10shot
  14. Awesome purchase, will help your game a lot. Check with your insurance company making sure it will be covered on the range/house. Enjoy 10shot
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