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  1. My 2 cents, ask for tip weight to adjust swing weight. If Callaway uses hot melt you can never change that weight. Never say never on shaft length or for resale.&
  2. This picture doesn't look like the same shaft in your below picture. I see a cracked shaft in this picture and an OK shaft below. What's the white plug I see swing weight or the Ole I bought the wrong shaft size adapter trick? 10Shot
  3. Well, I have an everyday coach for 49.00 per year. I can physically talk to this person everyday during " Office Hours" Where are you buying your "AI" from? IBM or, are you just using the term related to interactive website. I have an old Arnold Palmer training wheel to tell me what to do for a slice. I wish you the best of luck, dont forget data security
  4. SM7, great club and, on sale
  5. Reach out to a company called MagSwitch tell them what you are looking for. IMO, best way to stamp hard steel base with club head removed from shaft. Use double sided tape on steel base stick club head to tape. I never have had any issue just don't hit the stamp to hard. Practice on some junk clubs, salvation army etc. Have fun ....Good stamping.
  6. For the magnetic anvil, I believe your looking for an electric magnet. Looks like block of steel with a switch on the side. Easy to make too. They can take a beating. Try double sided tape, works very well (4 bucks). Just stick it to your anvil, place the club on top. Nice job on the wedges
  7. Hello, Sign me up doctor, going through what to do now. Contacts or glasses, bifocals or not etc Thanks for taking care of us
  8. Well said, I see plenty of GI clubs in a pros bag when at tournaments.
  9. Thanks for the write up, nice job. Totally agree with TE, I bought EXi with Recoil shafts xx years ago due to price point to performance. Still have them and, bag the 3 iron now and than. Also, thanks for letting us readers know about Turning Stone resort hosting this event. I frequent that area and, didn't know about this event, will be there next time, once again thanks
  10. To answer the JUICE question, yes the software can be juiced by the Admin user. Where I hit indoors the owner juices the older guys that want it juiced all the time. I like it, my 108-110 Swing carries 280+. I know I only hit about 245-255.
  11. You are correct on both counts, Dick's owns both, 2006 I think. I know the last time I was at the GW warehouse in Newark, OH 2019 they had a lot of kakak parts and piece ready for shipment.
  12. You have very good points on yardages between balls. I tell my ball Hocking golf friends different balls golf differently. I hear yeah, but...but nothing you spent how much on those clubs. Thanks for you post
  13. Hot melt is an over priced glue gun with a non hardening glue. It's main purpose, add swing weight to raw heads. Most OEM heads have a little black rubber plug, most likely hot melt was added for your D2, D3 etc swing weight. You can add it to the heel or toe for a bias but, most hot melt jobs are for swing weight. It can be used to dampen sound too. The big difference between lead hosel weights and hot melt is COG will be lower in the head. Most of the time Hot Melt is added through the weight portal, or the black rubber plug. You can use RTV to close the hole back up if you drill it out. IMO...just add or subtract the OEM weights, lead tape etc. Hot melt is permanent, I'm sure you could add a solvent to the head and dissolve the glue but, not recommended. Also, if I'm remembering my training, lead hosel weights move COG back toward the hosel. Please correct if someone knows differently Enjoy your Hot Melting
  14. Well, Golf Works direct would be mail order, however, Dicks Sporting goods owns GW. So the sales at GW can be seen at Dicks.
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