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  1. Who said anything about industry standard ??????? The word I used was Manufacture. Too many beers on the 9.5 tee box
  2. I would not drill that out. Drills have a way of going sideways into the hosel and tearing the edges up. You just need to find an easy out or golf shaft extractor right around the size of the shaft little smaller. Lots of well placed heat, do not use propane it will burn the top of you club head. Use Butane, up and down about 15-20 seconds in each spot, then try the easy out. This can take some time, I've seen these devils set in there for 30 minutes of work. Best take it to a pro shop it worth the 20 bucks, buy a shaft they may do it for free. Golfwork for the extractor SKU: 35P5 Good Luck 10Shot
  3. I go by this, if it's shiney stay away. If you play in hot humid states. Here's a trick, go into your golf shop, take a towel with you. Wet that towel in the restroom. Use it to wet down several grip types, you will see real quick which one's want to take off into the impact screen. Good luck.
  4. Just fly down to Irvine, Tx area. Any private course pro can hook you up. 4-8k per hole is norm for the big boys. All I can say is good luck, say Hi to Lee for me.
  5. Walmart.com has some great pricing right now on iron sets. Lots of brands, models top shelf stuff.
  6. I find the 3 wood is like the 24/38 rule with irons. Requires the Shallowing part of the swing. Maybe try large swings in golf shaft EL's (profile) see if that is an issue. I say large swing because golfers can feel it better than small increment s, then hone it in. I like low torque, high torque an I'm hitting right. I like high balance shafts with soft mid section and a 3/4" tip cut instead of 1/2". All that helps my 3 wood and driver. I do the same with my 24/38 and lower irons. 10shot
  7. Contact the folks at AliExpress. They can point you to a manufacture after a few emails. 10shot
  8. Awesome purchase, will help your game a lot. Check with your insurance company making sure it will be covered on the range/house. Enjoy 10shot
  9. You're good Chipperman, I play slow I guess 4 hours for 18. If you have folks behind and it ain't the Dan Ryan Freeway in front of you let folks play through. I've had guys get PO'd I just roll by to the next hole and keep playing. If you're playing slower them me WOW. Usually its the same reason dudes looking for golf balls. I will say this about your situation, if indeed there are 5 foursomes in front it ain't likely you're going to play through all of them, sometimes it just takes time to play a round. Drink beer, it helps I do hear you on looking for golf balls. That's the one thing I don't do is look for lost golf balls. I walk over look in the bushes maybe step into the woods if its clear. half minute later I'm on my way. Seen dudes look for 20 minutes for a damn ball. I love the guys that get all PO'd when you wait cuz there 20 foursomes of ladies in front and they think their going to play through all day. I usually catch them on the next Tee Box and laugh. Enjoy your game 10shot
  10. Hello my hat is off to you're efforts. I do remember a group doing the same asking The 1st Tee for assistance, not sure if they are in your area. Once again, thanks for your efforts 10shot
  11. Hello, it may be 63*, however, if the OEM spec is 58* I won't bend it 5*. My only point, OEM is the starting point you go up or down xx degrees from there.Too many angle changes/ bounce with that big of bend. If a club bender is willing to bend your club more than 3* I wouldn't do business there. IMO you need a different club design. Long face equals flatter lie, due to shaft bend, longer / shorter shaft to change angle etc. Same goes for swing weight anything over 10 gram is starting to change other Dynamics of the club. Better to lengthen or shorten the shaft, lighter grip etc. Then just plain old lead weight in the hossle or tape. I'm not talking about vari weight OEM systems, plain old lead, tungsten. Sry if my writing seems caustic it ain't meant to be. Enjoy your game. 10 shot
  12. Not sure I'm picking up what some are putting down here. OEM specs are just that Your starting point. Good engineers spent good capital making those clubs. They are made to spec, you start there. So, if you go up 1* from spec or down 1* those are YOUR Specs from OEM. You can't say it's your correct specs. It's your specs from OEM You just can't bend a Titleist iron 8* up. So if that's your correct specs you need a different starting point i.e. New iron design. I'll sum it up, up or down is relevant from OEM. If someone comes to me asking me to bend an iron 8* up from OEM I wont do it. UP and Down are used from the OEM spec. You can't just say I need an iron 63* @ 31* Ill say what head, then I'll tell you if it can be done from the OEM spec. You are using the correct terms UP n DOWN. Too DOWN (flat) goes right Too UP goes left 10shot
  13. What Sergio has in his back pocket is Big Business.
  14. What I do is fix what the retail folks sell. I put CC under the retail header because that's what they do, sell clubs/shafts. I have many (50+ shafts) ready to use. I change out the shafts or add too when a GOOD shaft enters the market place. I cap my cost to 250.00 per shaft. See if you know what your doing and have the correct equipment I can run you through 5 shafts in about 1 hour. I don't care what driver head you use. With the epoxy heat cure I have I can apply any off brand adapter to any of the shafts in 10 minutes. I already have all the big brands ready to go. Then I send you out the door. You go play golf on your course and let me know what you think. If you need I can take the simulator to the course, but you're buying the round Beers that is The key is on course play, ON COURSE PLAY, you don't get that off a mat or simulator. CC is a rip off plain and simple, you can not fit a golfer off mats with numbers. If CC sent you on the course for several rounds cool beans, but they don't. I don't know any top fitter that doesn't send the golfer to the course with at least 1 club to play of each category It feels good on the mat then, the course hits you square in the arss. Gota play the course tweak if needed. Lot of times it's not shaft its Loft and Lie angles. If the golfer is an older dude with standard grips I put them into MID size and boy does their arthritic fingers like that. Sorry GolfSpy staff, you answered my question in your post. 4.5 hours is plenty for a fitting, been there done that. Actually any more and you're past the point of exhaustion and not getting true results. You cant hit over and over again, one shaft after another in one sitting, it takes days several rounds per shaft. But you have your way I do it my way. Thanks for your passion to golf and a great website. Thanks for reading my post have a great day 10shot
  15. I have to respond to this CC thread. CC is nothing but a rip off plain and simple. Their entire model , up sell shafts hitting off mats. 1st, you cant "Get fitted in 4.5 hours" 2nd, most likely the most important NEVER BUY ANYTHING UNTIL YOU HIT THEM ON THE COURSE. Just imagine, hitting every club in your bag off mats over and over again in one fail swoop. OUCH No qualified fitter would even send a customer out the door with an entire set never hitting them on the course. Entire bag takes me 2 weeks or more (depends on how fast the customer can get to the range/course to hit). The only club I will allow out the door from off mats, putter. From the best fitters the process is less than 500.00. That includes fit, making and servicing the clubs in the bag for the life of that club. Many who sell clubs, flat 150.00 charge if you buy driver or iron set. One more victim of CC, they are giving this business a black eye. IMO 10shot
  16. If you have ever called to work on club head damage/info with Titleist support they are top notch. I see a lot of happy Titleist club owns every year. If I had one issue with Titleist driver/ woods it would be the crown Paint. It chips to easy. I get a lot of guys wanting them cleaned up. ( Of course the chips are from the Tees hitting it, never hitting to high on the face /sarc off). I think Titleist has a different approach to marketing than some. Most pro shops have a couple bags you can try out on the course just ask, that cost a few bucks. All this is IMO 10shot
  17. You could MOI it. Many that I do like the MOI club, some don't they prefer straight swing weight. My Auditor shaft analyser can match the shaft profile for each. Several ways to do this. I would bet if you don't have a fitter with all my toys. Golfworks could assist with a phone call.
  18. But, But...where does this leave the beer girl.Think Lad, you must think this through.
  19. For me, I pay my thousands of dollars every year to play golf. My rounds take 4-5 hours to play. Don't like it, go around me, I play to have fun and enjoy the course. Take up speed dating if you think golf is 2.5 hour 18 hole sport.
  20. Some of you guys have some time on your hands. I could use some help putting grips on about 300 clubs. 2 beers an hour, 3 if your over 250lbs Nice looking work folks.
  21. I don't care what they use as long as the play under the time rule. I like the shot clock used in Europe, Give'm a range finder with slope that may speed up Bryson De Chambeau
  22. Thanks for the feedback and pictures. I've done several sets with colored ferrules for customers kids. I was wondering what the main golf crowd thought. 10 shot
  23. I'm looking at making colored ferrules part of my stocked parts inventory. What opinions do you have on them. Love them, hate them, be a great addition if more shops had them etc. Many colors are available, what would be your choice. Thank you 10shot,
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