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  1. The ads are weird indeed, but that is the least of their problems. That dude and his fake-student actor/models look like they're constipated or something. Being in the video production biz, I find the whole setup kind of laughable, right down to the inappropriate use of an "epic motion-picture" music bed. I see this kind of thing all the time: over-hyped, high-end productions that actually fail because they're TOO slick and polished. More to consider: Go on Youtube and type in Tathata Golf, and you'll find a mind-bending number of videos (nearly all produced by Tathata Golf itself) with comments disabled on every single one of them. Can't say why, but something about the whole thing smacks of Scientology. It's like they've gone out of their way to monopolize the platform with their own self-serving content. You simply cannot find a critical review video anywhere on Youtube. Oh hell, I'll just it. Tathata Golf is creepy, as well as just plain dumb. It's Creepy-Dumb. I'll even invent a new word for it. It's Dreepy. I think I'll stick to lessons from my local PGA Professional -- someone local who is officially trained and able to speak with me directly without all the fake marketing weirdness. "The search is over. This is the way." What an ignorant thing to say. Is McCord even a member of the PGA? If a board-certified medical professional can lose his credentials for advocating homeopathic quackery, it seems like the PGA of America could -- and probably should -- do the same for opportunistic clowns like McCord when they shill for this kind of golf carnival crap. Sorry, I may have gone a bit overboard, and I know I'm only adding to the confusion. This irritation would quickly go away if I could just find an honest, critical review video somewhere.
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