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  1. VkTR Stiff Flex Driving iron - Stiff Flex 3.2 index 20 degree nike hybrid with recoil shaft in Stiff flex
  2. Lee Vaughn - Lago Vista , Tx Handicap 5 Mizuno S18 50, 54, 58 Rusting wedge to help with some friction.although a placebo effect stll feel it helps maybe softer metal.
  3. Lee Vaughn Lago Vista , Tx Scotty Cameron Golo 3 I am open to any type. I like Mallets and Blades, which I putt equally well with both types. I would like to try the Blade version if I had to pick one because wanting to go back to a blade
  4. Lyla Vaughn Scotty Cameron NewPort #3 Right Hand Junior Golfer with 12.3 index only been playing 2.5 years. My putting is keeping me from going lower. Distance control is a major issue. Hoping a putter that Won back to back Most wanted Putter will help. Thanks for your Consideration.
  5. Lee Vaughn The Texas Golf Pride MCC plus 4 align
  6. Lee Vaughn 3.0 index SS 113 Taylormade M4 Hzrdous Yellow 6.0 G410 Plus Would love this opportunity. Just got the G400 Max for my Daughter and fell in Love. Thank you
  7. Lee, Lago Vista Tx 3.0 index 50, 54,58 S18 Mizuno Short Game Guro
  8. Lee/ Lago Vista Titleis SM6 50, 54,58 Strengths 100 and in , bump and runs, flop shots, 1 hop and stop. Weaknesses- bunker shots run out when want them to check 3.9 index
  9. Lago Vista ,Tx Taylormade M4 with Hazrdous yellow 75 gram stiff flex. 45 inches 110-115 carry 275 carry Handicap 4.0
  10. Lee Vaughn -48 Lago Vista , Tx Under pressure ( Tournaments ~ fight a severe hook or weak slice).
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