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  1. Matt, Toronto, Canada I currently use the Laser Link Gold NFE (yes, it's from the previous decade). Been needing to upgrade for a while!!! Thanks so much!
  2. Lou, I just got fitted into the 565s (but only via a 6-iron fitting). Why did you decide to do the combo set?
  3. 1. Matt - Toronto, ON 2. 12 3. Dream Bag: Driver - Launcher HB 9.5 degree stiff (low launch/spin shaft) Fairway: Launcher HB 15 deg 3 wood stiff Hybrid: Launcher HB 19 deg, 22 deg stiff Irons: Launcher CBX 6-PW stiff (low launch shaft) Wedges: RTX-3 AW, SW, LW Putter: Huntington Beach #3
  4. Matt Maldoff Toronto, Canada 14 Handicap Never had one, always really interested (currently track things in a spreadsheet)
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