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  1. Isn't A3 a +1.5 loft? So my 9.5 would now be an 11. I will give this a try at the range sometime soon
  2. Need some advice. I have the TS2 with the smoke black shaft stiff. I hit the ball high and slice and I’ve turned it to D2 which is upright and -.75 loft. I see the have weights you can buy for the back of the club, will changing that help bring the ball flight down or straight ?
  3. what I can do with it. Id putt with a shovel if I could hole any putt.... Comfort and confidence. Looking down at the setup I need it to be just simplistic but also know where its going. When I start getting putting "yips" (for lack of a better term) my rounds become insufferable
  4. My ping G30 4 hybrid, was the most consistent in my bag. Demo'd the Titleist TS3 hybrid and hit it better... bought it and now its 50/50
  5. Both myself and buddy got our rejections as well.. its becoming a time honored tradition
  6. Brian Apel Putting mat from big box retailer on a hardwood floor Tried several none really mimiced the course, most wouldnt lay flat Medium 10-11 Stip
  7. Brian Pittsburgh, PA, USA Scotty Cameron Golo 5 Ping Heppler Floki - has more of an alignment guide than what I am used to and feel like that could improve my game
  8. I wanted to try this but went with Par every hole since Birdies are a stretch for me... I finally did it this week with a Par on the 8th hole which is the hardest hole on the course!
  9. 5'10" and 35 in putter but I choke down on it about 3 inches
  10. Anyone else pick this up? I'm loving the career mode but thats about it. The course editor is a bit too complicated for me. Has anyone started an MGS club on there? (I searched this topic and couldnt find anything)
  11. If you need any diet killing places let me know, I know them all in Pittsburgh
  12. Not saying I'm a fan but they are selling like crazy. It supposedly out sold Budwieser for a month or so last summer
  13. Depends on conditions and course familiarity. My local course that I'd consider home course, I pretty much know the greens enough to know breaks without studying them. Dried out or just rained adds some complexity because I am def more of a speed/control putter vs accuracy. (Will use break of green w speed vs trying to drill it center cup, strange but it works) New course I will look about 10 feet behind the ball and if I cant tell will walk the other side but rarely happens
  14. +1 after 3 for a 51 on 9... First 4 holes hit the driver pure then couldnt keep the ball in play off the tee
  15. Finally hit my goal weight of <180.. 179.8, its been hovering around 180ish for a few weeks. Since January I've lost 16lbs! A lot of running, cycling and patience. Also got sick in February and dropped 7lbs pretty quick and just kept it off. I know it sounds crazy but work from home has helped because we don't buy a lot of the junk food for the house that shows up in an office or a vending machine. If I could kick the sugar habit/cravings I'd be in great shape
  16. Tiger, Arnie and Spieth. Love to see TW up close and in person, Arnie is a legend and somewhat of a local to me and Speith even in his slump has always been one of my favorites
  17. Depends how I got it... if someone who went gave it to me as a gift because they know I love the game then absolutely. Would I buy it as clearance, no
  18. Brian l, Pittsburgh PA Cleveland RTX3 52/56 mid bounce 56* mid sole
  19. Still don’t understand this game, shot 101 yesterday, 89 today... it’s been this way all summer! Good rounds to terrible and back no consistency. Now it’s my putting that’s gone to crap
  20. My experience with them was the original driver. My friend had one, he let me hit it, I crushed it close to 300 almost dead straight, so he let me use it when played together for a few rounds and I was hitting the best drives of my life. Finally take the plunge to order it, mine comes (same specs) and I can't hit it to save my life, neither can my buddy or anyone we played with, yet all could still hit his really well. We compared the clubs side by side after a bit, his club head was more closed than mine (he didnt put new shaft or pull and reset or anything like that). Sent pictures to BT the
  21. If its not a money thing, see if there is any local organization you can donate them to. I know maybe a little work but could change someones life and bring someone love of the game
  22. Name and Location - Brian, Pittsburgh PA Have you ever used a GPS device or watch? Which one(s)? Yes, Garmin 945, SkyCaddie GT Current method of determining yardage - Garmin 945
  23. I know theres been a lot of talk on the 50 rounds and wedges are done. Is that true for amateurs as well? How would I know when my wedges are starting to go? My wedge game has slowly decreased and Im not sure if its something I'm doing or the wedges just arent responding how they used to?
  24. Absolutely love mine, the long irons are forgiving!
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