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  1. So I am debating on getting a new putter, I currently use the TaylorMade Spider Blade Counter Balanced putter. I am a fairly decent putter, usually average under 2 per hole. I am ready to go all in on a putter, and was looking at a Cameron Newport or going totally different style with the Spider (since it seems to be the most popular on tour now). Are either of these really going to help me that much? After playing around in the store with the spider it seems that this club is harder turn or not come back smooth and straight with due to the longer backside, is that the purpose of the
  2. Exactly, thats why I got them refitted and bent a little to see if it fixed the problem. How tall are you? Im 6ft and he measured to my wrist
  3. They are the 2016 M2, so I think they are cast. He did bend them 2* more upright. My swing with the driver is >105 so they put me in stiff steel shafts. Im slicing bad to the right but the club impact showed the heel of the club was making impact? So now I'm confused. I know theres no miracle fix but lessons and practice but trying to not make it harder on myself
  4. Your first name: Brian Your home state or province: Pennsylvania Your current handicap: 20 Your current distance measuring method (laser, GPS or eyeball) Swing x Swing or Nikon range finder
  5. So new development, went to get my wedges bent (the most they could do was 2 degrees, but I figured that's better than nothing). The fitter put a strip of tape on the bottom of my club and showed where I was impacting the heel, which he said meant the club was too upright, which dint make sense to me, so I had him bend the 7 iron 2 degrees upright (which he claimed would exaggerate my slice) We taped it up again and it moved the strike mark more towards the middle of the club, which is where I want the strike mark to be correct?
  6. This guy worked directly for Ping, so I assume he knew. I have TaylorMade irons I was going to get bent. I know my swing needs a lot of work, however hitting the pings that were more upright did seem to help the ball flight path on the simulator compared to my own irons
  7. Gotcha, How can you tell if the fitter is a reputable one?
  8. So last night I did one of those Ping demo days fittings, and the Ping guy said that the reason Im slicing (well one of several) is my clubs arent upright enough, he said I need 2.75 degrees more. He didnt really explain what or why, but was more trying to sell me new irons (I went to look at the G Driver) Can someone help? Will this really help me? Couldnt I just take my current clubs to a golf galaxy or something like that and have them bend them?
  9. The Nike One Platinum from around 2007
  10. My question to this is what do they consider a round? There are some rounds I dont touch one of my 3 wedges and others I use my 56 2 times per hole.
  11. Thanks all, the soaking in water trick worked!
  12. Its this thing - http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/softspikes-cleatkaddy-for-golf-spikes-sp11cleatkaddy/sp11cleatkaddy?&color= Used on the CHAMP Zarma Tour SLIM-Lok Golf Spikes. You put the two little prongs in the holes and twist. The one that looks like a bunch of blade doesnt work, too big. I have 3 that are just stuck
  13. A few questions on changing cleats. How often should you change them? Secondly if you havnt changed them and the 2 spike tool that meant to be used on them, just rips through the plastic, how do you get them out
  14. I think the name of the event or course and the contest they won would be good. I know if I wont that I'd save at least one ball. (Im not too used to winning things at golf) but its something that I would be proud of.
  15. Personally I like Swing x Swing, its free (you can upgrade to get more info) but it tracks, GIR, putts and strokes, plus its a distance calculator on the course
  16. I feel like it should be fall, when I've practiced/played all summer and spring but its never fall. Usually my first few rounds out in the spring are my best because I just go out there and play instead of overthinking
  17. For me its about meeting my goals each summer, this year is break 90, last year was beat my friend who I've never beat (I did ONCE) and break 90, came close a few times. If i could shoot in the 70's Id be more than happy but just getting out on the course and enjoying time with my dad is what I like the most
  18. Its around $90, but World Tour is my favorite course I've ever played. They replicated 18 famous holes from amen corner to the 17th at sawgrass. Its a fun course but a little challenging. Stay away from Azaela Sands, this course needs so much work and was the worst course I've ever played
  19. I mean I really dont see how the improvements make that much of a difference?
  20. My goals this summer, are straighten out my drive to at least stay on my hole and break 90
  21. If they put headphones on I'm ok with it. I dont need any other distractions as is. Although when I got to the range I'll put earphones in myself
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