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  1. My experience with them was the original driver. My friend had one, he let me hit it, I crushed it close to 300 almost dead straight, so he let me use it when played together for a few rounds and I was hitting the best drives of my life. Finally take the plunge to order it, mine comes (same specs) and I can't hit it to save my life, neither can my buddy or anyone we played with, yet all could still hit his really well. We compared the clubs side by side after a bit, his club head was more closed than mine (he didnt put new shaft or pull and reset or anything like that). Sent pictures to BT the
  2. If its not a money thing, see if there is any local organization you can donate them to. I know maybe a little work but could change someones life and bring someone love of the game
  3. Name and Location - Brian, Pittsburgh PA Have you ever used a GPS device or watch? Which one(s)? Yes, Garmin 945, SkyCaddie GT Current method of determining yardage - Garmin 945
  4. I know theres been a lot of talk on the 50 rounds and wedges are done. Is that true for amateurs as well? How would I know when my wedges are starting to go? My wedge game has slowly decreased and Im not sure if its something I'm doing or the wedges just arent responding how they used to?
  5. Absolutely love mine, the long irons are forgiving!
  6. All situational to me... first time give them benefit of doubt but wave like hey you came close, second time wait and say something, if it happens again either throw it or hit it OB in the woods where they arent finding it. There is NO excuse for hitting into someone a 3rd time. It happens when you hit up on someone, sometimes you hit the shot you never thought, but at least acknowledge it and be careful next time. I did it last week, I was 270 out on a par 5, 2nd shot, used my 4 iron, hit it 250. I hit my drives 260-270, just absolutely got a hold of it. Drove right up to them and apolog
  7. I know my local Dicks Sporting Goods has 6 ball trial packs for $10
  8. Fittings if done right, by both the player and fitter are essential in my opinion. I know that in indoor fittings, I sometimes feel off my swing due to the room feeling smaller than the freedom of the course. Also trying to change your swing to fix things for the fitting is a bad idea I've known people to do. Swing your swing how you'd play on the course and a fitting should improve your game!
  9. Have to admit, not a fan of the speckles!
  10. Its a good ball for me. I like the Q-Star tour, I feel its a little more around the green spin than the regular Q-Star
  11. I've tried that, anywhere from inside of front foot to middle, to almost inside of back foot and still same result... ugly
  12. Slowly improving back to where i was... That being said my hybrid that was my most reliable club in my bag has gone missing (not literally lost, just can hit it) which is costing me dearly because I used to be able to recover from a bad shot or long par 4 or par 5 with that cluib. Can't figure out why all of the sudden I am unable to hit it
  13. Happens all the time, I'm a 15 and at least 2 times a year randomly drop triple digit scores. Shake it off and get em next time
  14. Hole 3 on the course I play weekly. I dont know why but it eats me alive. I can hit great drive, then chunk next shots, or bad drive great recoveries etc. The one thing I know makes is challenging is the green is close to 45 degree slope back to front and if you miss, the ball rolls forever
  15. Name/City State - Brian, Pittsburgh, PA How Often do you Practice Putting and How Long? 2 times a week 30 min plus How many 3 putts do you average per round? 2-3 What interests you most about Exputt from what you have seen or read? Ability to practice slopes inside vs the straight flat mat I have
  16. Also a tester for these and kept them. I had the CBX gen one as well and RTX replaced them!
  17. The reference to "Better players" in the article... welp Im out!
  18. Gotcha, I missed that part, I kept looking at the letters/number combo
  19. Where are you seeing the different hybrids chart? I couldnt find it? The linked ones above to Titleist have hybrids but look the same. I ask because I have the TS2 Hybrid and Driver both set to A2 and the hybrid I am hitting almost 90* to the right, driver is going pretty straight
  20. Fresh ginger, soy, pineapple juice (all eyeballed to taste preferences) mixed in to ground beef, grill and place a piece of pineapple and pepperjack cheese on the burger when done
  21. Yup, got the TS2 and adjusted it to more draw bias. the Indian needs to shorten his back swing and make a slower deliberate transition...I know my problem, just can’t get myself to do it!
  22. I’d use my 56* and try to drop it close. That’s what I trust the most
  23. Ha! That doesn’t make me feel good about my purchase
  24. Like I said everyone has to learn sometime. If when you introduce yourself and say “hey I’m new at this and still learning” I’ll be glad to play with you. Take what everyone said in here, play ready golf, leave pin in, go to your ball, be ready to hit, etc. If you do that anyone who has an issue is just a jerk. Also the course you play makes a difference, we have a local muni that if you go there, you know that it’s a slower pace of play because there are people learning.
  25. I'm not sure whatever Dicks Sporting Goods uses, but now I wonder when I go hit the club I bought if the super slice will be back
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