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  1. Like I said everyone has to learn sometime. If when you introduce yourself and say “hey I’m new at this and still learning” I’ll be glad to play with you. Take what everyone said in here, play ready golf, leave pin in, go to your ball, be ready to hit, etc. If you do that anyone who has an issue is just a jerk. Also the course you play makes a difference, we have a local muni that if you go there, you know that it’s a slower pace of play because there are people learning.
  2. I'm not sure whatever Dicks Sporting Goods uses, but now I wonder when I go hit the club I bought if the super slice will be back
  3. Just simple green sharpie dot over the ball #
  4. So I was in the market for upgrading clubs (driver/woods/hybrid) and I understand why you have to tape them up, however does the tape affect how the ball tracking works in the store?
  5. Welcome! It helps after bad shots too!
  6. Have this same issue, sometimes its just luck. I've had rounds where I've mishit a ball and it hit a tree and bounced perfect on the green, I've had rounds pure feeling shot takes an odd bounce when it lands and it puts me in a bad spot.
  7. Used to let this get to me, had a buddy tell me he heard Tiger (true or not) uses 10 steps to move on to the next shot, so I will take some practice swings off to the side and then take 10 steps counting to ten and its just "the next shot" for me.
  8. What helped me most with my short game was not only lots of practice but using those Flat Balls they sell at Dicks Sporting goods, really forces you to hit the ball clean,
  9. Play until I lose it, which balls are starting to last me more and more holes. Played 65 holes with a ball (new record) and hit it in to hillside rough that was pretty wet, never found it! That was the most frustrating ball loss for me
  10. Used to use 60* and was terrible around the greens, started using my 56* and people want me to join their scramble team because of what I do with it! I really feel if it wasnt for my 56* I'd have a much higher handicap
  11. Applied... now just waiting for my rejection notice
  12. Was honestly going to recommend the Q-Star tour, got to be a tester when they got here and made the switch
  13. Dumb question what will cut that? Its a pretty thick metal. It doesnt stay closed very well. It will fall backwards leaving it wide open and bumps of course will jostle items (towel, club cleaner etc) off
  14. Thats some impressive repairing!
  15. Looking for advice on my Titliest bag. The carabiner style clip on the bag doesn't stay shut as well any more and last round I had a few things fall off, the way its looped through the bag I can't simply replace it. Any ideas? edit to add picture
  16. Depending on time, I may be able to make the 2 hour trek from Pittsburgh
  17. It’s a neat course if you’ve never played. 18 holes from famous course you may not be lucky enough to play, St Andrews, Sawgrass, Oakmont, Augusta. Check it out. For lodging check out beach cove resort, that’s where we stay when we go down, it’s in North Myrtle so it’s kinda more calm than near boardwalk area
  18. Sadly I’ve legit watched someone do it... the whole 4some yelled and yelled, drove up and he of course denied it.
  19. Any idea on where you are staying in Myrtle? My favorite course down there is hands down World Tour.
  20. So if you’re plying a casual game with friends and everyone clearly without a doubt sees the ball land in play with no OB around but it can’t be found, penalty or not? I know the “rule” is a penalty but if you had spotters like on tour, you wouldn’t have lost the ball in grass/plug/rough
  21. Brian, Pennsylvania, 17 handicap OEM ball line Titleist AVX Green line - Apes44
  22. So far I have 2 birdies on my home course front 9. (Havnt played back yet) 3 other pars... getting there slowly
  23. Shaft finally cracked, ended up going with the TS2 and smoke shaft. Still hitting the ball left to right but keeping the ball in play much more.
  24. Handicap and Location - Brian - Pittsburgh PA - 17.5 handicap Social Media Accounts Twitter - Apes44, Instagram-BA_Runs_the_Burgh Expected rounds in an 8-week span - 20 Current OEMs in your bag - Titlest/Ping Driver: Speedzone Extreme balck and yellow color, 9*, Stiff HZDRUS Smoke Black 70 Fairway: KIng speedzone 3W Stiff HZDRUS Smoke Black 70 Hybrid: King Speedzone 3H - Stiff Tensei CK Pro Orange Irons: King Speedzone, Stiff 4-PW Wedges: King Black 50* 54* 56*
  25. Golf is such a funny sport sometimes. Tuesday night I shot a 40 on 9 and was playing really well. Wednesday afternoon shot 91 on 18... Different course and all but such a different golfer on day 2
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