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  1. @GolfSpy_BNG this has sold, you can remove this post. Thanks.
  2. For sale is a 70 gram HZRDUS Black Gen 4 driver shaft. It’s a 6.5 flex and has a Titleist driver shaft adapter in it. $85 shipped in the continental US.
  3. If you don’t want to, or can’t, go to a local pro for some lessons, you could try the Skillest app. It’s online coaching, and the entry cost can be much more affordable. You just have to be able to video your swing. This is a face control issue. If I was trying to fix this for myself I would start with making sure my setup (alignment, ball position, grip, etc) are staying consistent. Then work on face control. Spray the face with foot powder and purposely hit the toe, then heal, then center. The goal being to get a feeling for the difference and eventually getting the whole pattern smaller and closer to the center. With some improved face control hopefully you can get to a one way miss which is much better on the course.
  4. I was fit into the 6.5 Hzrdus gen 4 and I swing it between 108-112. It’s a great shaft if you like Hzrdus shafts. Im actually about to put the shaft up for sale if you’re interested. It’s has a Titleist adapter though.
  5. Order it with a stock shaft. Then buy both Ventus shafts from an eBay seller that offers free returns. Keep the Ventus you like, return the other. Then sell the stock shaft.
  6. I think the only potential issue could be the increase in swing weight.
  7. I didn't read all 9 pages of this thread so if this has been stated, my apologies. Sometimes I wonder if the higher prices are a way for manufacturers to continue selling older models at a higher price. $600 for the brand new model, but hey here is last years for $500, or two years ago model for $400.
  8. I guess I didn't really mean delofted the club to that extent, but I get what you're saying. I go in once a year to have the loft and lie checked on my clubs, and they have a GC Quad; good idea to just check it on that.
  9. @Golfspy_Lukes That trackman chart is interesting, I hadn't seen that one. I imagine that I do have some shaft lean, but I can't imagine that I'm turning 16.5 into 5-7. I'll have to check it outdoors in a few weeks when it warms up and see how it looks outside. Also, it is mostly a tee club so I guess I should check the numbers from a tee. @edingc I thought I had the platform height set correctly. I'll have to play around with that and see how it affects it. Maybe I'll figure out a way to measure where it is hitting the net and use that spreadsheet to check the accuracy of the monitor's launch angle reading. It does only seem to be the top end of the bag with higher ball speeds that cause issues. Even though it will be a real pain, I might try and add 2 or 3 more feet of ball flight.
  10. I recently got a Mevo+ and have set it up in the garage. I have 20 feet of space, and it is setup with 8 feet from unit to ball with 12 feet of ball flight. I'm using Titleist RCT balls, and everything seems really spot on accurate except for driver and my 2 iron. The driver I expect there to be issues, I've never been able to swing a driver indoors all that well anyway. I have a Mizuno Pro Fli Hi 2 iron and when I hit it the Mevo is reading the launch angle pretty low which is causing the carry distance to be really low. I can tell they are good strikes, and the ball speed is between 138 and 142, but the launch angle is reading at like 6 degrees or less which is causing the carry numbers to be crazy low. I'm trying to dial in carry distances before the season starts, and this is the only club in the bag that is giving me fits. Is there a setup change to the Mevo that might help? Changing the tilt angle from 12 to 11? Do I just need more ball flight? I could probably squeeze a couple more feet of ball flight out of the space, but it would be a real pain in the rear. Or maybe it is completely accurate, and the distance I saw from this club last season was a lot of roll out.
  11. I've had a love hate relationship with my 3 woods for a while now. I loved a tour edge exotics EX 8 that I had years ago, and I've hated the two PXGs I've had since. So a little late night eBaying has landed me a Taylormade Stealth 3+. Will I love it or will I hate it? I don't know, it's December in Iowa so I've got a bit of time before I can use it.
  12. Here in Iowa we have to take a solid 3-4 months off, maybe less if your crazy. I don't have a simulator, but I do have a garage hitting bay setup. Being able to work on contact and swing changes have been great, but also just being able to keep the swing speed up in the off season has helped a lot. When spring golf starts in March/April I feel like I'm ready to go.
  13. I've got two shafts that I'm looking to sell, both prices include shipping in the CONUS. I will consider offers, but the gearhead in me is also considering just changing the tips and testing them in the spring in some new equipment. Ventus Black 6x with a PXG driver tip for $old. Motore X F3 7x with a PXG 3 wood tip for $old.
  14. Well I'm making a trip out to Pinehurst next year so I'm hoping Santa just gives me some cash.
  15. I will go 4-5 rounds without losing a ball, but I stop using them if they get scuffed at all. There is one hole where I play that has a cart path cut right across the fairway right about the distance of an off center strike with the driver, I must have ruined about a dozen golf balls on that cart path this year.
  16. I've got a Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor for sale, comes with the original packaging, case, and charging cord. I sold it on eBay for $385 plus shipping, but the high bidder cancelled the order. I am working through some second chance offers, but I can cancel those if someone is interested. I'm looking to get $350 including shipping in continental US. My eBay handle is thebaums if you'd like to see any feedback. It works great outdoors, but I was really looking for something to use in my garage during the winter and rain; whether it was me or the MLM it wasn't meeting my needs when hitting into a net with limited space.
  17. I don’t get a ton of practice time, but when I do I spend 80% on short game. Course management and greens in regulation are the two things I excel at on the course. I’ve been playing golf since I was 7 years old so a lot of the mechanics are just ingrained in me, but hitting greens in regulation and having a short game when you don’t are what I find the most important.
  18. In 2021 my goal was to play more competitive golf. And I did play in 6 straight up stroke play tournaments. Wasn’t always pretty, but I think I’ll continue that this year. In 2022 I’d like to break par on a normal par 72 course. I’ve broken 70 on a couple shorter courses that I would say are easy, but the best I’ve ever shot on a real test is 74. To do this I have got to make more birdies in 2022.
  19. This topic does fascinate me, I never give it that much thought. I’m a 6 handicap and we play from various tees. Sometimes we play from the tips to make the skins game more interesting, and sometimes we play from the regular mens tees to make it more interesting. I would say that you should play whatever makes it fun that day and keeps you in the pace of play range.
  20. I play in a league and it’s one of the best golf decisions I’ve ever made. I don’t know how normal the format is, but there are like 13 of us on a team. I was brought in by another buddy, but I’ve made a ton of friends. And now there is a regular group text where it’s easy to find a 4 some almost any time; weekdays and weekends.
  21. Went in and got fitted with the local fitter today. Tried out the PXG Gen 4, Calloway Rogue ST pro, Taylormade P770, and Mizuno Pro 225. All with various shafts. Learned that what I have been playing shaft wise the last couple years hasn’t been doing me any favors. I now have a set of Mizuno Pro 225s on the way. So excited for the season, even though it is 2-3 months out for me because of winter.
  22. I don't use my 3 wood off the deck much, but that is a symptom of the courses I play. I do use it off the tee when I need to hit a fairway, or when the hole calls for a shorter shot off the tee. Even if it doesn't get a lot of use every round, I couldn't imagine not carrying it.
  23. Every time I purchase a new (or new to me) driver I tell myself "This is the one. I'm going to use this for the next 5+ seasons." Never works out that way. The winters are cold in Iowa so golf-equipment-idus is a real issue, the cure is I spend a lot of time on eBay dreaming of deals on driver heads to try. Seriously though last years purchase is it for a while...
  24. I walk, with a push cart, for two reasons. 1st, it's cheaper; I'd have to play less golf each year if I rode a cart every time. 2nd, the exercise is a nice bonus.
  25. I play the stiff Modus 120 shaft in my irons, but never really considered what was in my wedges. Thinking about trying the Nippon Modus Wedge shaft. I only play 56 and 51 degree wedges. Thinking about playing a stiff in the 51, but playing a regular in the 56. Anyone play this shaft in their wedges and have any feedback? Anyone play a different flex between the wedges? The 56 is rarely used for full shots which is why I am thinking a softer shaft in it.
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