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  1. TP5 hands down is the best ball I have played....Flies beautiful in the wind and for me is great around the green. For me its all about feel with a golf ball and the TP5 is exactly the ball I was after. Price wise you can probably pick the 2017 version fairly reasonable due to the new version coming out. Here in the UK its around £30 a box.
  2. Good Evening, 1. Glynn Taylor 2. No Waterproof Bottoms as can never find any that fit well. Waterproof jacket is a packaway old galvin green (second hand) 3. September 2018 in the Club Championships.....Day 1 was Beautiful sunshine , shorts and t-shirt weather, however, day 2 was pouring rain.....but still shorts weather as it was too warm. Wind and rain like I've never played in before...came 2nd on the day!! Remember it very well for obvious reasons!
  3. How Do Name - Glynn Taylor Location - Burntwood, West Midlands, United Kingdom Handicap - 20 No tracking device, but would love to see if this would assist in bring down my handicap. All the best.
  4. How Do Fourmites... Just thought I would introduce myself....long time lurker but tis about time I joined in. Reside in the wonderful (or not) United Kingdom in the West Midlands. Looking forward to joining in. Catch you laters and have a wicked day! Glynn
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