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  1. Joshua- Denver Colorado 30 y/o 4.4 handicap Current irons: Cobra King forged CB/Mb combo set in black. 3-6 irons CB. 7-pw MB. Kbs tour C-taper x flex shafts.
  2. Joshua, Denver Colorado 3 handicap Adams pro a12 forged JPX900 forged I've hit the forged and tour models at my local shop and like the slightly more forgiveness the forged model provides. I don't work the ball much so I'm OK with the tradeoff. Thanks MGS!
  3. Joshua Yamaguchi Denver, Colorado USA 3 handicap Just using "The Grint" and a range finder for Stat tracking on course right now. Using GC2 at an indoor facility when the weather is bad. The watch looks a little bulky but if it can eliminate using a phone it might make it worth it.
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