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  1. love that Bobby Grace putter. Bobby made a putter for my grandfather back in the 70's (or early 80's). i need to find that thing. Pretty sure its in storage at my mothers somewhere.... Bobbys brother comes into my office from time to time. I keep asking him to hook me up with a putter, but no luck so far! heh
  2. i dont like them either. it HAS to be mental, but they just feel different to me, and i dont like it. i have no idea what it is. granted, i havent hit the m1 or m2 yet, but ive hit practically all their other models. i do want to try the m2 though! also, Ping irons....
  3. Nickent Arc blades. Always wanted a set ever since I hit them on the range a few years ago. Hard to find though.
  4. Just wondering what some of you that have had one thought of them. I have two of them, the MP/02 and the MP/03 and love them. 345g headweight on them is the perfect weight for me. They rarely come up for sale on ebay and I usually buy them when i see them if they arent overpriced. If anyone has one (the MP04 or MP05) and are willing to part with it, message me!
  5. for some reason i have always loved Bridgestone's Precept line of clubs. I think it has to do with watching Matt Kuchar on TV several years ago when he first turned pro and was using the Precept Tour Premium irons. I just loved the looks of them. I have owned several Precept sets over the years and still use the Tour Premium CB's (my current gamers), and the EC603's. I also still have a set of the EC603 Tour Spec blades which are really cool looking, but not easy to hit. I made a combo set of the EC603 cavity backs (5, 6, 7) and the EC603 blades (8, 9, PW) a few years ago cuz I thought it
  6. im thinking about buying the Macgregor PCB's. Trying to decide on the PCB's or the PCB Tours though. Since the Tours are harder to find, and my ball striking isnt as good as it was 15 years ago, I will probably purchase the regular PCB's. But having a set of Miura forged PCB Tours sure would be nice!
  7. whoa, when was this sale? its over now, correct? what other kind of deals were available?
  8. yep, available online now to even non members. maxed out at 2 per order. $30 + $30 + $10 Shipping + $5 Sales Tax + $75 for 4 dozen $18.75 per dozen = Fantastic Deal i already bought 10 dozen the last time they were in stores. That, with the 300-400 premium balls I already have, Im good for years to come so Ive decided against buying more. I hope some of you thats been wanting some are able to get some this time. I feel bad for the people who just paid $40 per dozen on ebay cuz even non members can buy them now online
  9. gaviscon tonight. my stomach is going crazy!!!
  10. i used to search misspellings all the time and i have found a few good deals over the years! thanks for the fatfingers link, very cool!
  11. normally a beer drinker, but if i drink more than 3, i REALLY feel it the next day (getting old!). but my gf introduced me to Deep Eddys Vodka. wow! no hangover whatsoever the next day!
  12. they certainly look the same. and from what Ive read online, they are the same
  13. im not selling mine. i gave a couple friends a dozen each, but there rest Im keeping. It'll take me years to go through all of these, and the prov1's, SR3's, and B330's i already have
  14. i was able to buy 20 dozen last week at the store in clearwater florida. when we arrived, there were 16 boxes left at 630pm. we bought 10 (limited to 5 each). by the time we walked out there was only one box left
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