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  1. I replace mine when the padding around the top opening wears down to the metal.
  2. As we know, there is no shortage of wingnuts posting on YouTube, etc. Some of the golf videos I've seen are just laughable examples of people trying to monetize their social media presence. I don't have a problem with making money. I wish them luck. But, you clearly have to be at a certain knowledge level yourself before you can decide who to listen to and who to ignore. I love the AMG guys. They don't peddle opinions, or old myths, they've got some actual facts.
  3. Do you have a link to this MGS quote? I can't find the original post. Thanks!
  4. Absolutely true. Air compressor and lots of swearing. Not as bad as SuperStroke putter grips, though.
  5. Happy with my JPX921 Hot Metal Pro so far. The new line looks great, but I really don't see a major reason to upgrade.
  6. I also had a Bridgestone ball fitting, around 10 years or so ago. The guy running the test told me that with my low clubhead speed, it really didn't matter what ball I played. So, yeah, really didn't help me much.
  7. I've been regripping my own clubs and regripping for friends for over 30 years. For a "normal" grip, my go-to is the Golf Pride Multi-Compound Cord +4. Midsize for me. I think the MCC +4 is the best grip available. Except for... What I actually use personally is the JumboMax JMX UltraLite, Small. Over the decades I've gone from one wrap of buildup tape, to two, to three, to a midsize grip, to what is traditionally known as a "jumbo", (1/8" over), to the JumboMax XS, and now to the small. I've tried the medium, but that's over the line for me. Although I will admit that the small is now starting to feel a little "smallish." Seriously, if you've never tried a JumboMax grip, give it a try. It will soften your forearms and wrists, and relax your whole swing.
  8. I'm a Rules Official, and was working a Girl's Junior championship, which included players from other countries. It was 100F+ during the day, with the heat index at 112. The girls from Asia and South America were all wearing the pull-on white sleeves that I've seen used during cooler weather. I asked one of the players in my group why they were wearing long sleeves when it was so unbearably hot. Here's what they said: 1. White sleeves reflect much more heat and sun than does tanned skin, so you feel cooler immediately. 2. The sleeves absorb perspiration and then the perspiration evaporates more slowly than it would on skin in direct sun, which prolongs cooling. 3. You don't need to use sunscreen. 4. The sleeves keep perspiration, (and the sunscreen you're not wearing) from running down onto your hands and/or glove.
  9. I have always walked and carried, and I've always loved it. Even into my 60s I still carried. Then one of my best golf buddies, a 1-2 hcp who's ten years younger than me got a three-wheeled push cart. He absolutely loved it, he couldn't believe how less tired he was on the back nine, and he finally convinced me to try it. I not only loved it, I told all my friends that if you love to walk, a modern pushcart will transform your enjoyment of the game. They're amazing. On the other hand, now that I play on a VERY hilly course, I found out that the pushcart is twice as difficult to push up a steep hill compared to carrying. I talked to the 20-something assistant pro at the course and he said I needed to go back to an ultralight carry bag. He was right.
  10. Well, I'm going to go in a completely different direction than the other answers. Mainly because I have the exact same Knuth driver. I had two different professionals hit it for me after I couldn't figure out why I hit it so badly. Both had the exact same answer for me: "This thing is a complete piece of s***. The head appears to be made from thin, cheap sheet metal. Throw it in the trash. Lesson learned." I wouldn't spend another dime on it, and I certainly wouldn't bother trying (and buying) different shafts. It will be more money down the toilet. I took mine to Goodwill.
  11. I made clubs for many years. I still have my swingweight scale. To answer your question, no, not really. Here's why: If you went from, for example, a 70 gram shaft to a 90 gram shaft, the swingweight wouldn't change much. You would definitely feel that the club is heavier, but the swingweight wouldn't change a lot. If you took your existing club and added 20g to the head, the swingweight would go up enormously. Conversely, if you took your existing club and added 20g to the butt end of the grip, the swingweight would drop enormously. But, that isn't what happens when you change shafts. In that case, the extra 20g is spread pretty evenly along the entire length of the shaft, so whatever the balance was before is still pretty much the same. You can balance a 16-pound sledgehammer to a standard swingweight of D-2 by adding enough weight to the end of the handle.
  12. I'm with you. I have come to realize that my rotation has never been satisfactory, which results in me feeling like I'm throwing my hands/arms at the ball. Not good. Through some very good coaching I now have learned that nothing, and I mean nothing, helps me as much as making a full, complete, relaxed backswing. I can't rotate starting from a good position if I never get into that position in the first place. When it's working I have very good contact and speed. I played in a pro-am with my coach on Monday. I was sucking big-time. (I was the horse last week!). Finally my coach told me I was starting to chop off my backswing again. I blame nervous tension. I started thinking about finishing and played the last four holes even. For me, it's finishing the backswing. As always, ymmv! Clay
  13. Just attended a Mizuno demo/fitting day. Great experience! I think I'm leaning toward the 921 Hot Metal Pro at the moment! Thanks for posting the video! I am a bit surprised, though, that Mizuno isn't manufacturing the iron heads. The video made several mentions of their inspection/QC process checking the heads that the plant has received "from the manufacturer." So I assume they subcontract out the heads. Does anyone know for sure? Not that I'm changing to another company. ;) Clay
  14. Clay Nicolsen 8 Hcp. Lewiston, ID I've always been a total tech/nerd. I've tried different smartphone apps, found them all lacking one way or another. I've been seriously looking at the Arccos, but this one is intriguing. I'd love to help you guys out with the testing! Clay
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