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  1. Your first name: Joe Home state: Florida Current driver/shaft/shaft weight: Callaway Epic Sub Zero / Fujikura Pro Green Stiff / 62g Current swing speed: 100 - 104
  2. Joe Florida 12 Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged (the ones you bagged on in the Mizuno history article ) / Nippon NS Pro 1150 stiff 1"+ / 1deg up PING i500
  3. Joe Florida/US Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged / Nippon NS Pro 1150 +1" 1up/ Stiff 165-175
  4. Tier 1: Phil Mickelson Tier 2: Henrick Stenson Tier 3: Tony Finau Tier 4: Patton Kizzire Tier 5: Chez Reavie Winning Score: -14 Low AM: +3
  5. Joe, Tampa, FL Mizuno FLI-hi 3, stock degree, nippon NS 1150 stiff, 1 inch long and 1 degree up Ping G 22 degree (4 hybrid) , standard stiff shaft 1/2 inch long Mizuno custom fit Ping not, just ordered long, probably should have it bent too. The Mizuno is extremely straight, plus I can work it either way. The Ping is extremely easy to hit and I can adjust distance easily. The weakness with the ping is I cannot move it right and fight the dreaded hybrid hook. I always have to play it right usually over water. I would love to try a different shaft in each. In the ping to see if it helps the hook and the Mizuno to see the difference between the graphite and steel. I would think the 75g stiff would be about right.
  6. 1. Joe, Florida 2. 12 3. Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged 4. I would like to try the Tour irons as I work to get my handicap back to single digits. I play them an inch long and a degree upright if possible.
  7. Age - 43 Club speed - 100-105, usually towards the 105 if loose Current ball - Taylormade Tour Preferred X / Srixon Z-star XV
  8. 1. Tampa, FL 2. Taylormade Ghost Corza 72 3. 10' - 15'
  9. Joe Tampa, FL US 10 Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged, Nippon NS Pro 1150 stiff , 1" longer, 1 deg up
  10. Joe - Tampa, FL 10 Not a watch but just bought the Bushnell NEO I demoed Game Golf when it first came out. It was too much of an inconvenience for me. Having to remember to tap your clubs and before each shot disrupted my routine and doing it after was forgotten a few times a round. I would have bought a watch instead of the NEO after I lost my laser 6 months ago but this seems to combine all the features into one. My buddy uses Golf Tags which you tap to your phone. The problem is the app doesn't seem to work. Either he's switched it from the foreground somehow or the phone is sleeping. I wouldn't try it though because I use my phone to play music and don't want to have to pull it out of the cart and put it in my pocket on shots that I walk to.
  11. Joe Florida 10 Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged 160 in, pretty consistent with all irons (8-PW really consistent, 5-7 pretty decent) Trouble flighting the ball lower when it's windy. I feel I should be hitting the ball further especially with the 5-7.
  12. Joe Florida 10 GPS I had the Bushnell v3 slope but lost it about 6 months ago. I've been borrowing a friend's generic brand which has trouble locking onto the flag and doesn't seem to be able to hit random targets. Last week I bought the Bushnell NEO Ghost to use because it's so cheap now.
  13. Joe Tampa, FL Strengths: Bump and runs, most pitch shots, 85-90 in Weakness: Tight lies on half shots or less, super short pitches where bump and run is not an option PING Glide 2.0 specs: 50/ss, 56/ss, 60/ss, all +1/2 inch N.S. Pro Modus3 105 Flex Stiff, color code blue, Golf Pride MCC+4 Mid size grips with 2 extra wraps of tape (if Ping only then Dyla-wedge gold dot grips plus 2 extra wraps of tape)
  14. Joe Matasic, Tampa, Florida 10 None (demoed Game Golf before, my buddy has Golf Tags and I was considering Arccos but didn't want to have my phone away from my speaker)
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