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About Me

My name is James Han, 50 ish and going to 60. OMG

I started golf 6 years ago and now play 2-3 rounds per week.  I really enjoy new clubs including balls (I should try new balls).  Current iron sets, Ping i200 (3-p) are a 5th generation ( Cobra, Callaway, Taylormade, Fourteen).  My current driver, Taylormade M1 custom shaft, Tensai Blue) has been used for 2.5yrs (Taylormade R7 & RBZ, Callaway X-Hot, Taylormade R15).  MGS reviews help me a lot.  I bought the most of golf equipment based on MSG reviews.  I never fail.  Sometimes, it saved my money a lot.  Recently, I purchased Tommy Armour Impact Series No. 3 Alignment CB Putter instead SC.  It works VERY WELL.  Thanks, MGS.  I'm a scientist.  If I use new irons, I could report feedback very thoroughly. Thanks!

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