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  1. I'm Steve from Green Valley, AZ. Doctor wants me to walk more, but suggests I get a pull cart. This would be a great opportunity to make him happy. I try to play at least twice a week.
  2. Steve from Green Valley, AZ. I currently use, usually inaccurate, course markings to measure my distances. I think technology has become very important to the game and I would love to include accurate measurements in my game.
  3. Steve/Arizona Current Handicap: 8 Current Irons: Ping I20 7 iron carry distance: 148 yards
  4. Hi..I'm Steve from Arizona I'm a 69 year old 8 handicapper currently playing Ping I20 Irons with KBS Tour 90 Stiff Shafts, Soft Stepped One
  5. I'm Steve from Arizona... I currently play Ping I20 Irons 4 iron - Gap Wedge Red Dots -1/4" with KBS Tour 90 Stiff Shafts I hit my 7 Iron 145 Yards and would love to test and play these irons
  6. I'm Steve a senior golfer from Arizona Currently play Ping I20 Irons with KBS 90 Stiff Shafts I'm a 8 handicapper that thinks the CBX Irons look very playable
  7. I'm Steve from Arizona I'm currently playing Adams A7 Pro Hybrids with UST Axivcore Black Stiff Shafts. I use 19 Degree and a 23 Degree Hybrids. They were not custom fit fit with proper shafts, but are 2 Degrees Flat. If I am swinging solidly I do hit them High and straight, but if I'm a little off I do get a pulled shot. As I have been custom fit by KBS with Tour 90 Stiffs, Soft Stepped 1, I believe I'll probably opt for the R+'s.
  8. I'm Steve Brown from Southern Arizona, I carry a 4 Handicap and am ready to work with a shot tracking system
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