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  1. Stuart/Haworth NJ Zelos 8, R flex Driver SS: 87 N.S. Pro 950GH R Flex
  2. Stuart Haworth, NJ Cobra King Speedzone Extreme 1.7 index 87 mph TSi3 How 'bout some love for us short knockers.
  3. Stuart/Haworth NJ 1.7 Cleveland RTX4 50,54,58 degrees More spin, better look, no glare
  4. Stuart/NJ 2 Epon AF-705 150
  5. First Name/State or Country of residence: Stuart/New Jersey Handicap: 2.0 Current irons in Play: Epon AF-705 The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 155
  6. Stuart New Jersey 2 Epon AF503, Nippon N.S. PRO 950GH R flex i500 Thank you
  7. 1. Stuart, New Jersey 2. Callaway Rogue driver Tour Edge CBX 3 wood, CB Pro 5 wood Tour Edge CBX hybrid Epon AF 705 irons Ben Hogan wedges 3. 1.6 4. Increased distance, more consistency and better competitive performance. If Cobra can do that then I'm all in.
  8. Stuart, 57 New Jersey As I get older, distance decreases and inconsistency increases.
  9. Stuart, New Jersey Srixon Z565 Miyazaki Kaula 92, 255 FB: Stuart Goldstein, TW: @stuartgoldstein, IG: smgoldstein22 iPhone
  10. 1. Stuart, New Jersey 2. .7 3. Srixon Z565, Miyazaki Kaula MIZU 5 4. 94, 230 5.Wesley Bryan
  11. Stuart New Jersey 1 Callaway Apex irons, SteelFiber shafts
  12. Stuart NJ 93 MPH Swing Speed Taylor Made R15 Black Diamana W 50 Series R Flex I also have access to a Trackman to capture data.
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