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  1. Date 03/22/2023 Course Name Sandridge Golf Club DUNES Course Gross Score 79 Course Handicap 2 Gross Strokes over/under par 7 Net Score to Par 5 Net Score 77 Net Birdies or better 1 Longest Drive 0
  2. Date 03/19/2023 Course Name Sandridge Golf Club Gross Score 74 Course Handicap 4 Gross Strokes over/under par 2 Net Score to Par -2 Net Score 70 Net Birdies or better 5 Longest Drive 0
  3. Current GHIN is 3.9, when entering course handicap it just took the 3, not the. 9. The net birdies is 6 with the 3.9, or 5 with the 3. Update... edited handicap above.
  4. Date 03/15/2023 Course Name Sandridge Golf Club Gross Score 77 Course Handicap 4 Gross Strokes over/under par 5 Net Score to Par 1 Net Score 73 Net Birdies or better 6 Longest Drive 0
  5. Date 03/12/2023 Course Name Sandridge Golf Club Gross Score 74 Course Handicap 2 Gross Strokes over/under par 2 Net Score to Par 0 Net Score 72 Net Birdies or better 2 Longest Drive 0
  6. POSITIVE: MIZUNO, SRIXON, PING, Titleist, EVNROLL MIZUNO irons are hard to beat, anything that they forge is pretty damn good, woods really have no idea SRIXON thru the bag (irons and woods) close to MIZUNO, woods and hybrids are underrated. Love my 3 & 5w In all my years playing, probably have gamed every major manufacturer at one point. PING & Titleist also on this side of the list, never had anything negative to say, all positive NEUTRAL: COBRA, TourEdge EXOTICS, PXG, Scotty Cameron, Callaway Will always give props to EXOTICS, CB1 & 2 Fairways were excellent, original Tour Proto driver (2006) was a world beater. New stuff have no idea, just a solid place in my heart. PXG irons at the beginning felt like total crap, regardless of price at the time. Have a Gen2 driver, have hit their latest couple models of irons, like them very much. Yes their ads are a bit "annoying", but respect to someone to throw tons of money at a new golf company and still successful. COBRA nice looking irons, ok woods, but seem kinda lost. Paying Fowler probably tons, but the return on investment... don't think I've come across anyone playing their irons, maybe a driver here and there. Don't think they are junk, but nothing spectacular either. Watched a few new reviews of the new driver, positive there, so we shall see. Cameron makes beautiful works of art, still have my original Futura, not beautiful by any stretch, groundbreaking at the time and very different. Like his stuff, status symbol, wall hangar, investment all come to mind though. They perform but there are manufacturers that do it just as well for much less. Callaway woods are all over the place, great, good, suck, indifferent, back to great. EPIC was epic, then on to so so with Flash, Rogue absolutely sucked, Maverick so so again... Waiting on the final say for PARADYM. Irons to me are take 'em or leave 'em, nothing exciting or gorgeous NEGATIVE: Taylor Made, WILSON, Tour Edge (non Exotics) TM makes some incredible looking stuff no doubt, but I've had 2 sets of irons that have shattered or caved and dented 2 different driver faces (2014-2016 models) so that's why I'm down on TM. People love them, I will never spend money on them again. WILSON is just whatever, too many other ventures to really concentrate on golf. Driver v Driver show really hurt their brand. Tour Edge is just cheap super duper game improvement 60mph swing speed old fart stuff. We will all be there at some point, ask me then and it may be at the top of the heap and MIZUNO down here.
  7. If verifiable from a tournament range then ok in my book. But otherwise who knows where they came from, honesty in advertising... should I say anymore?! If they are like new looking, who knows if they were hit once, ended up in the drink, cleaned and resold. And we that follow MGS religiously, know that's a NO NO!! Years ago when MIZUNO finally released their golf balls in the US, the PGA Show had them for the indoor hitting area. On the last day of the show, the range attendant scooped about 5 dozen into our bags, less they had to take back. Had zero issues, and have used them a few times since. So generally speaking, thumbs down. Like as been said otherwise in this thread, the DTC brands are pretty damn good.
  8. So funny that just 2 out of the first 5-6 entries currently use TM irons. I've had 2 sets of TM irons in my 32 years of playing, SpeedBlades and RSi2, both were complete garbage! I'm so anti-TM that if I find a TP5 or TP5X, I throw it jn the water. Let me explain... got fitted and purchased 2016 M1, awesome driver until the face caved in, I was given an M2 as a replacement, and the face dented also, another M2 replacement and that thing had some serious issues. Whether it was a manufacturing issue or whatever, it felt, sounded and reacted like a 2nd grader built it, done with their drivers. Not saying where I purchased it, but it's a prominent golf store in the Melbourne, FL area, didn't get it from ebay if anyone's wondering. SpeedBlades, had one head fly off and the 4 iron, the insides of the cavity completely shattered, sounded like a second hand baby rattle. Through a rep had them exchanged for the RSi2. Within 14-18 months, their much heralded speeds slots decided to extricate themselves from the heads, and the 4 iron face started to cave in. With the cost of equipment today, no idea why ANYONE would buy TM when there's so many others, especially MIZUNO and SRIXON. Guaranteed if Tiger, Rory, Morikawa, et al weren't paid handsomely, they wouldn't chose TM. With that being said, wonder how many of those on any tour, would be playing what they do if they WERE NOT paid. Just my opinion and experience, I can hear the TM fanboys lighting their torches and coming for my head. Let the ripping begin...
  9. I don't know about their current bag lineup, but I purchased the MIZUNO BR-D4 cart bag a couple years ago. Everything was great except for the internal structure. After a year, the bag wouldn't stand up on its own on level concrete. Still have it, leans in the corner holding "timeout" and older clubs, looking at my Sun Mountain C130S. The MIZUNO wore well, everything works properly, plenty of storage, too bad it's the drunk of golf bags.
  10. Mine are 5° gaps, but if they were 6°, don't think us mere mortals would be able to tell the difference.
  11. Amazon, I purchased a dozen for $12. Yes the battery price is ridiculous for those, especially at a corner pharmacy. I did an over the phone interview a few years back with Precision, in reference to a survey I filled out. It will probably be my next rangefinder if/when my Bushnell ever dies.
  12. The Gripmaster kangaroo leather grips. Expensive but IMHO well worth it. Installed them on all clubs, barring putter, early 2017, and still tacky. They tend to wear in not out. Here in central east coast of Florida, need the tack in the summer months, and I play well over 100 rounds a year. Can be installed with tape or air compressor, I've done both. Next to MIZUNO irons, the best investment I've made golf wise. Will answer any questions anyone might have.
  13. Mainstream brands, for me, it's LAMKIN all day. Came stock on my Mizuno irons, well that was one of the options, so that was my choice. Lamkin UTX is tacky and remains that way, a buddy has them on his irons, installed in 2017-18, and still feel new, UTX cord that is. Currently on all my clubs are The Grip Master kangaroo. Here on the east coast of central Florida, I definitely need that extreme tack. Have had them on my irons since early 2017, stiff plastic bristled brush and hot water to clean, and they will last forever. In the "cooler" months they do get a bit firm and feel slick, but a damp towel wipe down works, as does blowing on them for a bit of condensation. They are a tad pricy, but not having to replace them every year at the least, makes the initial investment worth it.
  14. Play public courses, but the issue is pitch marks. Here in mid east coast of Florida, no one seems to know what a divot tool is or how to use them if they actual own one. Especially when the season gets busy with the snowbird migration. Lucky for me to have friends that belong to private clubs that we play more than occasionally, and the conditions and pace of play are more than tolerable. Our weekly rounds, Saturday and Sunday, pace of play is usually under 4 hours, and that's the public course. Coming from up north, that was a welcome change. Don't know what the issue is up there, but we would be ecstatic if we finished in 5 hours. IMHO private is nice, I like to play different courses, but it felt as I HAD to play the private I used to belong to get my money out of it, so it was a one year deal. Like they say, barring marriage, variety is the spice of life!
  15. Mikedb26

    LEFT DOT!!

    Been looking on ebay just out of curiosity, left dot dozen going for $150-$200??? Only if bidders/buyers knew they are coming to market in February 2022. Yes I bought a dozen on day of release, not selling them, using them. These people are nuts paying 3-4× retail, news flash... IT'S JUST A GOLF BALL! But I guess if you want them, and have more money than brains, can't blame the sellers.
  16. Back in the day of Titleist Professional 90 & 100's, PING TiSi 5.5° XFlex (can't remember the shaft brand) was for me the best of the bunch. But that's also when swing speed was 119, remember ordering it at a demo day from a rep in Cleveland, Ohio and cringing at the cost... $200. Those were the days.
  17. My cousin in the mid 90's had Big Bertha irons, and I swear the topline was the same width as the sole! I had TM RSi2 irons, as a factory replacement from broken junk Speedblades, and those things were chunky monkeys. Didn't have them for too long, as the "face slots" tended to partially remove themselves, gave those to my brother who plays maybe a couple times a year. But with all that being said, thin topline blades of today are not the same as they once were. Thin topline + short blade length = high anxiety and "CLANK"!! In the olden days. Think the blades of yore were just cut from sheet metal and stuck on a stick, unlike today's models that have some sort of weighted cavity in the bottom. Can deal, actually like a thinner topline as long as the sole isn't, JPX900, 919, 921 size with a thinner top would work for me. If I wanted to wield a shovel, I would have been a ditch digger.
  18. This is definitely a fun topic, gets the brain working for us old farts. Actually made a list during the covid mess, brands and models... IRONS: cheap box set from Dunhams S.G., Hogan Edge Radial, Ping Zing, Lynx Black Cat, Lynx Black Cat Tour, Ping Eye 2 BeCu, Ping ISI BeCu, Ping ISI stainless, Ping ISI Ni, Titleist DCI 981, Titleist DCI 972, Nike Pro Combo, Callaway Fusion, Callaway XForged 07, Callaway XHot, TM Speedblade, TM RSi2, Mizuno JPX900 (current) WEDGES have been Ping, Cleveland, Nike, Mizuno PUTTERS: Ping B60, Ping Rite-In 5, Ping 1A, Scotty Futura (original), Scotty GOLO5, Rife Renegade, EVNROLL ER5 hatchback (current) FAIRWAYS & HYBRID: Callaway BB Heavenwood 2H, Nike SQ Dymo 5W, Sonartec SS-02 3W, Exotics CB2 3W, Callaway BB Alpha 3W, Srixon F85 3 & 5W (current) DRIVERS: Mizuno (early 90's model), Mizuno (early 2000's model), Cobra Deep Face, Cobra XSpeed, Lynx Black Cat, Wilson Killer Whale, Wilson Invex, Wilson invex Ti, Ping Zing, Ping ISI, Ping TiSi, Ping G5, Srixon W-506, Srixon Z765, Titleist 975D, Titleist 912, TM R5, TM M1 (2016), TM M1 (2017), TM RBZ, Callaway GBB, Callaway RAZR Fit, Callaway Rogue, Exotics Tour Proto, Nike NDS, Nike Sumo5000, Nike MachSpeed, Nike VRS Covert Pro, Nike Vapor Pro, Honma TW737 (current #2), PXG 0211X (current #1) All that in the last 30 years... ah the memories!
  19. Brooks Koepka is my uneducated University of Akron guess
  20. Mike Brincko Sebastian, Florida Use either the wording or side stamp Srixon ZStar XV Blue line ----KMDB----
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