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  1. Burke Manakin-Sabot, Virginia Hdcp. 6.1 Ping I Blades Mizuno 900 Tour S300 Shaft My I Blades replaced my Mizuno 825 Pros last summer and I have to confess I truly miss the Mizzy forged feeling.. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to review.
  2. This is exactly my same experience almost word for word. Brought the Fly Z out yesterday for a field test outdoors, just not an indoor monitor guy. If I can't see and feel the entire ball flight, then I've learned not to buy. Put the Fly Z up against the 2017 M2, the 565, Epic SZ and the F7+. Stock stiff shafts and configurations. Swing speed in the 95-105 range and what was funny was the Most Wanted Chart by swing speed was almost spot on:) The M2 topped my list in almost a tie with the F7+. The Epic SZ and 565 about 5-10 yards behind over about a 100 ball average, 20 balls with e
  3. Burke- Virginia 6.1 Index Cobra Fly Z +, Alidila Tour Green Stiff 100-102, 245 Henrik Stensen
  4. I haven't had a drink for 24 years but that program hasn't solved this issue
  5. Burke Manakin Sabot, VA Strengths-Lob shots around the green Weakness-Short chips off tight lies 50SS Red Dot DG S300 ​54SS Red Dot DG S300 60WS Red Dot DG S300 ​Just moved from Mizuno to I-Blades and love the new Ping Irons. Current wedges are a mix of Scratch and Nike and need to find a new solution before the grooves wear out!
  6. Burke Morton Manakin-Sabot, Va Hdcp-6.1 No current shot tracker but an early adopter on pretty much all golf technology that has come out in the last 10 years..
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