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  1. i'mm 70 years old, play 4 times a week and haven't walked in 20 years! I need to!!! Motocart me in!!
  2. John Kelly, Palm Beach Gardens, FL Do you putt using a line? Yes If so, how do you currently draw the line? Small Plastic cup I bought at the store Preferred Golf Ball Model: TaylorMade MP5 Align XL Choice (color/size/text, etc). Green, Align XL
  3. John Florida handicap 7 TaylorMade M2 KBS steel “R” flex I played Ping for years I'd love to try the i500 irons Thanks
  4. John, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 67, Hdcp 6 TaylorMade M2 KBS Steel "R" 4-PW Cleveland 52 degree Gap Wedge Cleveland 56 degree Sand Wedge Ping Eye 2 Lob Wedge
  5. - John - Palm Beach Gardens, FL - TaylorMade M2 - R Flex (steel) - 170 yards
  6. First name - John Home State/Province/Country - Florida ​Do you use performance tracking? - Trackman Do you use a GPS watch? - Yes Which ones? Apple Watch
  7. 1. John/Florida 2. Your current handicap: 8 3. Your current set of irons: Taylormade M2 (2016) I have always wanted to try Mizuno irons but never seemed to be able to pull the string. I've used Mizuno fairway woods for years...so give me a shot! Thanks
  8. I'd love to test them! John, Palm Beach Gardens, FL Current handicap/avg score: 8 Have you ever gamed Wilson irons? No What is your current iron set? TaylorMade M2 steel shaft "R" 4-PW
  9. 1. 65 2. Your ball speed with your driver...102mph 3. Snell MTB
  10. Palm Beach Gardens, FL Taylormade Ghost Starting the ball on the right line
  11. 1. John Florida 2. Current handicap: 7 3. TaylorMade M-1 Fujikura Evolution 661 "R" 4. Driver swing speed 102mph and 270 yards 5. Phil Michelson
  12. John Florida 102 mph mid to high TaylorMade M-1 w/Fujikura 661 Evolution "R" Were you professionally fit? yes
  13. John Palm Beach Gardens, FL 7 Handicap 4-PW Taylormade M-2's
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