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  1. Actually get a little more flight from the F7 to the di11s. 25m height maybe? I played at Maffra (VIC, AUS) recently, which is typically a dry course. 175m par 3, hit the green, didn't leave much of a mark... 10m?
  2. Total win for me. Five out of five I've got the F7s from 4-9,PW,GW,SW, and the 60*, at +2.5* upright and 0.75" longer. To someone thats only 5'9", almost laughable, but I play very upright. Funny enough, for a hack like me, hit the forged just as accurately, and further, than the F7s. Hit the 4 iron 170m on the fly and basically step down about 7-9m of flight each club. Had a little bit of gapping issues initially, due to the different weight distributions (Particularly between the different constructions, and the lighter heads its easier for me to swing faster. The D200 driver I had previously had a swing speed of 170kph, but its dropped down to 160kph with the Cobra F7, a bit heavier by comparison)), but now I'm in the rhythm of swinging all of the irons at low 140s kph, that problems been pretty much eliminated. Still having slight trouble 3 weeks later with digging the 60* in the ground, but I've got a feeling that it has been overbent upright, so I'll go check that out some time soon. But remains the only club that I am having difficulty with. The 4 and the 5 are some of the easiest clubs that I have hit. Great feel, pick it up off the grass and the tee easily. The other clubs are pretty much on par with the Wilson di11s I previously had. I never was a big spinner of the ball on the 60* - best I could do previously was stop the ball. With the 60* though, probably due to the extra clubhead speed, I actually get backspin. Almost showing off to myself now. But as the advertising says, the improvement on the consistency of the swing and shot is much better. But just to start using the 4 and the 5 easily is the win in itself. I would say that for those that don't like the idea of a single length shaft, it may be worth considering to buy the one length 4 and 5, then switch to the variable length F7s for the rest of the club set. For me, I'm sticking with one length for those irons - would consider a 3 also, but currently using the utility or 5-6 wood, depending on conditions.
  3. 165 kph... Or 100 mph 19 Golf Australia Handicap I'm still stuck on the concept of soft golf balls (Wilson Duo varieties). Possibly because I find it hard to hit the actual ball in the sweet spot
  4. Scott Blencowe Mirboo North in the hilly part of Victoria, Sunny Australia. 20.8 Use the Microsoft Band with the TaylorMade myRoundPro, but with Microsoft dropping out of the smart band game... Will look for an upgrade.
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