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  1. The weakest part of my game and it could use any help it can get. This could be just what my game and my mental state could benefit from.
  2. My problem is a bit different, it's more about depth perception. I had a detached retina followed by a cataract in that eye and those events have led to my either leaving putts short of well past the hole. I realize that sounds like an excuse for poor putting but did not have that much of a problem before the eye problems. I have tried just using the good eye, closing the bad eye and that just seems to make it worse. Anybody have a similar problem and if so how did you deal with it? Same issue judging distance but I can manage that with range finder and playing partners. Thanks
  3. Received my new PXG 0811XF Gen 2 driver Tuesday just under 5 weeks but as promised between 4-6weeks. Used it for the first time yesterday and I have to say the fitting I had over the phone was spot on. The driver is a big improvement over my old Calloway XR, now I just have to get my swing under better control having developed some bad habits with the old driver. Thanks PXG for the great deal!
  4. Handicap 16.8 Location - The Villages, FL Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/rick.a.gray/ Twitter - @ragtag2 Instagram - ragtag2 Expect to play 16-20 rounds in the next 8 weeks. Driver - Callaway ZR Irons - Callaway Apex 16 Hyrbids - Callaway FtZ Putter - Pind Anser
  5. Just ordered my PXG 0811XF Gen 2 driver today. It was hard to find an available time for an on site fitting so I tried their phone fitting service and feel pretty good about the result. The phone fitting matches very close to the TruFit online fitting I took late last year. The discount must really be boosting sales as it looks like it could be 4-6 weeks before I get the new club. More to follow after I spend a little time with the club.
  6. Now that I'm starting to get up to speed on the site, would like the badge for Broke 70. Most recently March 30, 2020, number of time prior to that just not a consistent achievement.
  7. Rick - The Villages, FL 18 HDCP @90 mph SS Callaway XR Epic Flash
  8. Rick Gray Florida, USA Handicap - 18 Callaway Apex CF16 w/Recoil 760 Shafts Test choice - PING choice - i210
  9. Rick G. - Florida Driver - Callaway XR FW - Callaway FTiz HY - Callaway FT Irons - Callaway Apex 6-AW Wedge - Callaway MacDaddy PM Putter - Ping Anser HDCP - 19.4 Goal - reduce HDCP to under 15 Currently playing 2-3 times per week year round. NOTE: previously played Cobra clubs
  10. Name: Rick Home State: Florida Handicap: 21 Current irons: Callaway FT Biggest Strength: Good Distance relative to HDCP Biggest weakness: Trajectory too high (especially on windy days)
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