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  1. A combination of Titleist and Callaway. TS2 10.5 degrees, kuro kage S shaft 917 16.5 fairway metal 916 H1 hybrids, 19/23 Callaway Apex cf 16 irons 5-gap wedge Vokey SM7 54/58 Cameron putter Snell MTBx Hmmm, now I am thinking it may be time to do some shopping... Except the driver and putter Sent from my SM-N960U1 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. I live in Sarasota, and almost all of the courses are open with the same set of rules. Walking is allowed, golf carts are single player only, there are no rakes in the bunkers, no water on the course and the poles have small donuts in the cup that prevent the balls from falling completely in. The clubs are taking the added steps of wiping down carts and providing limited food and beverage on a take out bases only I would estimate the level of play is about 70% of normal Sent from my SM-N960U1 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. The complaint about the MTB Red was that it was too "spinny", especially off the driver. Dean Snell said they addressed that with the MTBx
  4. I normally play ProVx and tried a few dozen Snell MTBx. These balls are extremely similar for me. Both launch a bit higher, especially on the 5-8 irons. Over the past three months, I have slipped out for nine holes by myself and played four balls; two ProVx and two MTBx. I cannot tell the different off the tee, full shots into greens or touch shots around the green . By the way, both the ProVx and MTBx feel a bit hard for me for chipping and putting.. I think the Snell balls present a great value with top performance.
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