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  1. Is it when or if... he returns? Several times the hype has been put out there already. And for my 2 cents Tiger is just that in golf now; Hype. Selling, click bait, and the rest is what it or he has become. Even during the Pres Cup he had to have his woman in toe and on your screen. And while his grateness cannot be denied his other life situatuions cannot be either and now it is all part of the show. Just as Phil has to fill your screen with his diminished abilities so will Tiger, maybe. If he wins that would be great for him and golf. Im all for it while to this day and probably ever more it will the tiger show running in the back ground if not front and center like now. And truthfully I couldnt care less. He is what he is and was what he was. JT is the phenom that might just rival them all while winning majors will be the test of time as always, and untill someone surpasses Tiger it will be this endless show about this myth of a golfer. If tiger were to dispell the myth that golf ruined his knee and the rest he might have some cred with those who know but the fact that his weekend warrior fixation with real seals did him in is never broached is just more of the myth you are sold, and the truth that was and is left out. To be taught to hit a ball from the crib is what the truly greats will be made of from now on and those that were are nothing like you or me or joe hacker in the first place. It is all part of the big "show" and tiger is all about that.
  2. Yep. Being one who's been all but crippled Ive spent many 1000's of hours looking at fixes and cures and alternate remedies rather than be cut up and upon. Alot of chaff there too but amazing results can be found given the lack there of with local AMA stooge. Diet, or the diet we get to buy at the local boxed chemical outlet called the grocery store keepd the MD's in business. Period. And all to many of them know it, while the other half are to stupid to get it from their purch, and ride the gravy train with out a mention of getting off most of the poison I can assure you. And I wish you the best OG! My va here is awesome and I hope yours is too even if I do have to tell them no dice on some of the canned voodoo they kindly want to put me through.
  3. Yes, and the fact that he is a long way from home and his culture weeks and months at a time. An american in japan would be hard pressed to play as well as he has against this level of competion week in and week out there, with everything from a different language to strange food being the norm. No doubted he's catered to but it's no surprise he was wilted as the year has progressed and hats off to him for a great year all around.
  4. The part early on where winnie 'knew other players were starting new families' is the cruz of the matter. For a kid to know dad's cheating on mom and mom has to accept it or hit the pavement is one hell of a way to live and then have to abide by the dad is an idol game. Try living a lie day in and day out see how that works for you as it did for for his daughter. In my book Arnie was a guy who could play good golf and was willing to be gracious to all. A good guy on the street for sure. But as Ive been lucky enough to see dozens of the best stripe a lazer at the pin like most of us never will he was just another once the deal was known. In his day the Palm Springs area was all about the latest skirt being there too, for those inclined. It has always been Hollywood's hide away the piece town, and bimbo city when the tour showed up. Common behavior by a common man with means at best, and manhood that is all but lost now was a different thing then too. Either way its straight up piss poor fatherhood by a less than stellar human being. The day tiger got married I knew this was more of the same while I have zero reverance for anybody that cheats on his family, or doesnt have the guts to be done with a mrs. he would rather do without. More than once "its cheaper to keep her" was the standard mantra at the 19th or the much loved watering hole called The Nest where these boys and their toys used to hang out. As my kin across the pond would say, Arnie was "common as muck". And idol worship is madison avenue's joke on you...
  5. Ping Drivers and Titliest irons. Was given a G10 that I fitted out and loved just before the back went. It was work to get it working but even then in the early Srixon ball days it was 275+ straight. Today there are so many bad clubs off the shelf and the 1200 price doesnt make most them any better in a lot of cases while they are better finished and fitted out. A 5 iron that is now a half inch longer 6 iron tells the tale. Some of the mizuno clubs I have had were the best to hit and play along with the Hogans of Bens era. If i were to go buy a "new" set Callaway would get a look too as X's of 13 or so are a gem. Today its crap shoot as eye appeal sells as much as anything for most. TM and their offerings are, as has been said, a cut above the old full set in the box all to often. Rickie selling Cobra has pulled out alot of parents credit cards lately for set of the same old same old...
  6. Ive been watching for some time that the guys that are winning, Speith, Dj, and others are almost to a man still using an 'answer' type putter. Mallets to 2ball to spiders come and go but the one that works day in day out are the ones these guys use.... still. The ping B60 even had its run but the "answer" is how its done.
  7. After being able to use them all i too have arrived at the Iomic. 2.3 Sticky with several wraps so as to make them standard plus and a non taper grip is what I have now. Interested in the X for sure. The small butt end of the Sticky is something I really like now. Those and the Star, Tour Star Non Taper, for my woods and driver are the 2 best grips I have ever found for non desert weather. If I return to play in the desert Big Stu nailed it with the Lamkin Crossline Cords.
  8. Fair enough,... 42 worldwide wins is pretty good for a chump. Four 2nds and Six 3rd place finishes in the majors for 10 top three finishes. 7 out of 9 Ryder Cup wins. No 1 for 23 weeks and the one who ended Tigers reign. 310 weeks in the top ten. 2014 his wife took half and the kids and he was done at 42. Plenty of guys out there that myself and others cant stand but seeing as I couldnt get inside the ropes and beat them I give them their dues at the end of the day. And the best to never has to be pretty good to begin with. Which is why the well liked Matt Kucher gets the pass with only 7 wins.
  9. Yep, he quit his throw the hips/left side hold the lag/ at it. While he is a cut above with the way he can play and land his FW Woods and long irons. When his caddy said 'he can hit shots other's cant' he wasnt joking. Add in a hot putter? Kids the real deal and while I didnt think he could manage a change so quick and so well, he did, and Im glad to see it.
  10. You gotta wonder if some of these guys bother to play or practice in the rain let alone wet conditions. When I had my own track it was all about good weather golf. Watching Rickie I was wondering when he would get the Best To Never Win label. Sergio licked it and Westwood will always be it but of the current crop I wouldnt know. To me its a 10 win barometer. And Rickie aint there yet, but I expect to see him hold the unwanted title of Best to Never before he gets one.
  11. Still love Steely Dan. Miss the 8N too. It was the only beast that would start every time. Thanks for this guys.
  12. As I watch this I keep remembering Trevino and others who have said the year end cut should be 100. That basically there are another 25 guys who plod along and make a good living for years on end while others coming up should get a shot. Trevino said he believed there could be some greats out there who might never get a shot to get ther tour legs under them for the last 25 who hang around forever. Off topic so Im going DJ. Sweep it for my 2 cents. Right now its Justin Thomas but a Speith win changes that too.
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