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  1. Anything as long as it will be sent to my address free of charge
  2. Typical Callaway: same irons, different paint job.
  3. Who is Shaq? Some acromegalic?
  4. Are you sure that's the design of a driver not a putter?
  5. That's the closest I ever got to a hole-in-one, and I didn't even sink the birdie putt. Ironically this was one of my worst golfing days. I was carding nothing but double bogies. That was my only par of the day. 189 yards par 3. Hit a 3 hybrid for that one.
  6. I saw one of these. It was a Dartek as far as I remember. Didn't impress me one bit. It looked bad actually.
  7. You think friendly nations do not spy on each other all the time?? Wiki this: Jonathan Pollard.
  8. Great thread and pictures Msaternus. I heard that you can take off grips without having to cut through them with a blade using an air compressor. Is that true? If it is, that could be easier and you would conserve the old grips. Sometimes you just want to regrip the clubs with specific grips that you like and have to sacrifice the original grips, that are new in that case.
  9. It's OK, I really feel like giving it away to a fellow MGS member. Jamo you got it for claiming it first. Jamo please send me an email: soonadracula@yahoo.com to get the account info.
  10. Oh, sorry MSaternus, but I think Jamo beat you to it by just split seconds.
  11. Nope. My country is one of the very few countries in the world where the Central Bank won't give Paypal the permission to set up accounts using CC's issued by it. It's not worth the hassle really. I really don't need them and can't use them anyway. Anybody interested I'd be more than glad. Oh and GPP does not ship to my country as well. Haha.
  12. I have $25 free credit in my GPPgolf.com account that could be used within the next 6 months with purchases $20 and more. I will never be using it because that site does not accept international credit cards. So if anybody here plans on making any golf related purchase from that site (good site BTW) just drop me a line and I'll give you access to my account so you could make use of them before they expire. They could cover the shipping for example.
  13. Nope, he won't be letting off his trusty Scotty. He has had it for years now and it's just working beautifully for him. Why change?
  14. This is a work of art Gene. I just love how it looks. These colors are amazing. Never seen a putter like that before.
  15. Not a big fan of mallets here but Wishon has always interested me.
  16. HHow are these irons treating you? Can you compare them to other forged irons like Mizuno MPs or Titleist CBs?
  17. I have a PW that came with my irons. Then I have two different 56* SWs. One with a cavity back, much more forgiving and longer on full shots, the other a traditional blade-style wedge that is much more controllable in flop shots, bunker shots and chip shots. There is nothing that could be done with a 60* that I cannot do with a 56*.
  18. So when will they release the Superfast TP Black and the Superfast Trio TP and the Superfast MAX and the Superfast Deep Face and the Superfast super Tri TP etc... TM is starting to disgust me. They make one driver then start changing the paint jobs on it and giving it different names with increased prices. And people still buy into that.
  19. I can never understand all the hype about Scotty putters. I tried a lot of them, and I just don't get it; they feel like any good putter. My PING is nothing short in feeling or looks. I seriously don't get it!!! I think its just about marketing and the high price tag. People tend to cherish what they cannot afford, hence the love for Scotties. Don't get me wrong, he does make great putters, but so does a lot of other high end manufacturers and designers.
  20. I don't like how they look. Very chunky at address and the extra wide sold just doesn't appeal to me. But that's just me you know.
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