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  1. I understand the arguments for and against the $500 green fee. I bet at $500 the Pebble tee sheet doesn't sit empty.
  2. He was using a towel from Brough Creek National that looks like the one pictured, except more stripes.
  3. I think Snedeker takes it again, won't be watching tho.
  4. Srixon makes some nice looking irons
  5. Good on you for getting fit and walking away when you weren't comfortable.
  6. vrnyn


    This is pretty slick, I track my stats every round on a spare scorecard and have a pile at home, this solves that problem! Thanks for sharing!
  7. The SIM is insanely similar to the Cobra in looks!
  8. I usually only watch the majors and periodically check the leaderboard for some other "big" events. I'd like to see Rickie win a major and Brooks add another. Can probably guarantee Couples shoots even par first round of the Masters and Tiger contends. Would like to see Rory win. Also %100 Rahm destroys some turf in anger, but that's just fiery competitive spirit?
  9. Higher OWGR than me that’s for sure. Shot 66, 68, currently T15 on KFT Q school, pretty good considering the legal troubles he’s currently having.
  10. Doesn't seem to be hurting Tommy's game!
  11. vrnyn

    WITB lmh3

    Those 620's are so nice
  12. How's the putter feel? I've never rolled one but they I find it sets up nice.
  13. Agreed, so much coverage on this, lets get past it and focus on what's next. Reed's reputation is well known, nothing new.
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