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  1. I have a steep angle of attack and find that the higher bounce on my wedges help combat digging too deep.
  2. Only time I notice a difference is when it's wet out, wear spiked when its wet, spikeless when not.
  3. Those are too clean to hit!
  4. I use them to help with setup and alignment. And occasionally to poke geese back into the water.
  5. That's three good years in a row for PING
  6. Still lots of snow on the ground and we are basically confined to the house for non essential travel. So I put together a makeshift hitting bay in the garage, helps to pass the time.
  7. I had a positive experience with the custom shop. It is pricey and like others said you may want to check the current backlog. You can likely call and ask.
  8. Wish I had weeds to pull, still 2-3 feet of snow up North!
  9. Working from home, trying to entertain the 3 year old, putting comps with the wife.
  10. Seiko 5 is an automatic with a clear back case. Pretty fair pricing, can be found for less than $200.
  11. Mizuno MP-33's, would love to still have those and my old 975D, probably couldn't hit either any good now though!
  12. " I will buy more for my golfer friends" sounds like a nice guy!
  13. I'm pretty jealous that a lot of you are already playing, I still have 2-3 feet of snow in the yard!
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