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  1. Looking for a set of iron shafts +1 inch over length. Would like x100's or something similar.
  2. Well said Steddy, I'd like to shave a stroke off my handicap in 2020, play a few more rounds with the wife, and play a few courses I've never seen. Like you, golf is my escape also. I was fortunate enough to play with a lot of new people this year and really enjoyed meeting most of them.
  3. vrnyn

    Sub70 golf

    I really like the look of their hybrids and wedges. Will definitely consider them when I need an upgrade
  4. I've been on WRX since 2014, I'll echo a lot of the posts here saying there is quite a bit of "disagreement" in threads there. I find a lot of the time WRX is more concerned with what you are hitting than how you are playing. (nothing wrong with that) I've read this forum for a couple years but haven't participated much until recently, and I find the atmosphere here a lot more welcoming.
  5. Nice addition for CBS, not sure if her playing days are over?
  6. I joined MSG a few years ago but was never really active until I listened to one of their podcasts and they talked about being your own brand, playing what's best for your game. I really like the idea of belonging to a place where you can learn more about the game, discover new practice methods, and get feedback from real golfers through unbiased feedback.
  7. Congrats on the weight loss! I can second LL Bean for their tall selection, I have good luck with under armour and the occasional adidas.
  8. Hi All, My name is Nathan, I've been playing golf on and off for about 20 years. I love almost everything about golf, I especially enjoy how every round is different, and no matter how good you are, you will always find something challenging every round. I play roughly 25 rounds per year, I practice a few times a week. I live in New Brunswick (Eastern Canada) so we only get 5 months of good golf weather, and that's why I'm here. To get my golf fix without being at the course! This past season I dropped my handicap from 6.8 to a 4.2 I'm very happy with that improvement and hope to drop another full stroke this coming season.
  9. Have seen this with older TT shafts, but never something newer. Could have been damaged somehow and began to rust, pushing the chrome off?
  10. Srixon really doesn't get the love they deserve. They make some of the best looking irons and drivers. I can't speak for performance as I've not hit any, but looks have to count for something right?
  11. I am/was a long time Titleist user and just switched to an M5 driver this season. No issues for me. I haven't heard of anyone sending any TM drivers back at my club this season, I do know they sold quite a few.
  12. I use the putt out mirror and gates, and use small coins as target practice to switch up the block practice.
  13. Those Miura's are so nice!
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