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  1. These look sexy- I played Ben Hogan in high school. Andy - Minnesota 39, +3 Mixed set of Pings: i200 3-7, iblade 8-PW with Golf pride Full Cord New Decade grips. Pick me! Thanks, Andy
  2. Andy Minnesota Scratch Ping iBlades I'm all for trying new Ping irons!
  3. Andy Willmar, MN Short game strengths: like green side bunker shots- shorter splash shots specifically. The right bounce is very important to me for these bunker shots. I'm a good 12 feet+ putter- make a decent amount of longer putts. Good lag putter on longer distances. Weaknesses: sometimes the 70-100 yard wedge shots balloon on me. I want more of a low-piercing flighted shot. I like to come in a bit lower with a one-bounce and stop shot. I'm looking for the following in right-handed: 56-SS 60-SS KBS Tour Reg. Shaft in both. Thanks! Andy
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