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  1. First Name: Josh City, State: Virginia Beach, VA Current Driver in Play: G410 LST Handicap: .3 Swing Speed: ~119 Which Driver Would You Like to Review: TSi3
  2. I’m playing. Walked 9 today. Not riding to adhere to social distancing. Not removing flags, not putting out “gimmies”. Not hanging out in the clubhouse or bar and called in to let them know I was playing and on the 1st tee, had the fee put on my account. I guess I’m at a greater risk then if I just stayed home but I’m taking all the precautions I can.
  3. Just a quick intro.. My name is josh and I'm a 40 yr old born and raised resident of Va Beach, Va. Been playing golf since I was about 10. Played a little college golf but for a myriad of reasons left college early (really early) and ended up giving up the game shortly after for a spell. Picked it back up probably 10 years ago and its been full steam ahead since. Golf is a funny game, hard to explain to others but its kind of more who you are then what you do. I'm currently down to a +.6 and basically play in all the Am and 2 man events in the area I can. Ive been a non-participating member here for a bit (generally contributing to another forum...) but wanted to get more active here. I've played and conversed with some of the people associated with MyGolfSpy and I really like the way they go about things and it's awesome that they are local (somewhat) to me. I play primarily out of VB National and work in Cyber. I am pretty blessed to have a flexible schedule and an office in close proximity to the course so i get to practice quite a bit. Although my 19 month old daughter generally has priority. As far as my username it was license plate in high school and it pretty much speaks for itself. If you dont believe me let tee it up haha. Cheers
  4. 1. Virginia Beach, Virginia 2. Nike Storm Fit Rain Jacket and Pants 3. I play year round and in all conditions so I can recall a particular occasion but I can assure you there have been some cold wet rounds in October/November.
  5. Greetings to all new member here. I didn't read through the other intro threads so not exactly sure what to put here but I'm some what local to the MGS guys, living about 30? minutes away in Virginia Beach. I play a lot of golf, 37, engaged but no kids. Played for about 25 yrs, all the AJGA stuff a little college with time off afterwards for a bit but been back serious for a while. I'm basically just trying to get better, maybe and I mean maybe stop ho'ing equipment a bit and try to concentrate on my game more. I'm long, putt pretty well but for as often as they are in my hands my wedge game is atrocious. That's basically it, cheers to all.
  6. Josh Virginia Beach, VA I'd say my strength would be greenside chipping while my weakness is bunker play and the touch/feel shots from 40-80 yards. Wedge play in general is not stellar but it should be since I have them in my hands the most of any clubs. 52/56/60 SS/SS/ES PX 6.0 +1/2" Silver dot.
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