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  1. The house I grew up in until I was 14 was knob and tube. Not sure when that house was built probably early 1900’s. It was a 2 family and my father and uncle bought it after WWII. I can remember them digging out the dirt floor, pouring cement and switching from coal to oil. Yup, we had coal heat!! My Dad and uncle did a lot of work in that house until we grew out of it.
  2. Nope, no knob & tube. Haven’t heard that term in 50 years.
  3. Had my right shoulder done over 2years ago and it’s been great. Rehab wasn’t easy but necessary. I still do the exercises. Im sure you both will be fine in a few weeks, looking to hear how your rehab goes.
  4. Our 1st house which was built in 1945 was that way also. The fieldstone foundation I’m sure had something to do with it as it “settled”.
  5. Never turn your back on a friend
  6. I forgot about PutterTalk, Byron was big on that site.
  7. 7” was a healthy “dusting”, no problem for the Vdub. Rear engine Vdub’s were underrated in snow. Only time they were in trouble was deep snow that built up under the vehicle and lifted off the road. nothing stops freezing rain& black ice.
  8. When you’re from Northeast you learn quickly how to drive in rain, sleet snow and my all time favorite “wintry mix”! Our last year in CT was an all time bad winter and that’s when we decided to move south PERMANENTLY.
  9. Congratulations on 4K!!
  10. Sounds like a nice dinner/breakfast, Always room for Bacon
  11. Yup, you’re correct. Josh Allen is one of many young QB’s up and coming in the NFL. Going to be an interesting next few years. Mac Jones is one of the QB’s.
  12. Rickp


    I hope that’s a misprint 90% of Florida residents will be staying away from that salad
  13. Rickp


    Yup, they are definitely good
  14. Rickp


    Hmm, maybe stick with Deli Rye
  15. She afraid might be staying home for a few days
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