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  1. Name and Location David Reid. Charlotte NC Have you ever used a GPS device or watch? Which one(s)? I have been using a Garmin S10, but find the distances can be off by 2-5 yards. I would be very curious to see if Sky Caddie are better as their handheld devices are extremely accurate. Current method of determining yardage. Combo of S10 and excellent Precision Pro NX9 rangefinder. I really like the idea of having the RF for pin number and GPS to assess how far the pin is from either the front or back of the green.
  2. New to the Forum, but have been 'spying' for a long time. Of late I have been blowing up eBay in search of a new set of irons to replace my Apex Pro's. This week I have already bought a set of iBlades, MP-64's and MP-25's. Let the fun begin
  3. David Charlotte, NC, Strong with approach play from full swings, but struggle to dial in shorter yardages and give up a lot of shots around the green through inconsistent ball striking on my chip shots. The webapp recommended a 52 SS, 56 WS and 60 WS with AWT 2.0 Wedge shafts 0.5" over standard and Silver lie angle. They even recommend a grip! Dyla-wedge White.
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