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  1. Are they "synthetic microfiber"...or put another way PLEATHER?? Is it me or does the price of golf shoes continue to rise meanwhile quality goes down? Don't get me wrong, Footjoy still makes LEATHER high quality kicks and the Tour Boost 360 kicks are great. But other popular brands are getting outrageous prices for plastic shoes. It just seems weird to me.



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  2. Anyone ever try the Graphite Design Tour AD 85s Iron Shaft? I picked up a couple for my sand and lob wedges. They're brand new, never pulled. I think they were intended for the Legacy Black Irons originally. For 50 bucks, I couldn't go wrong. Just lookin' for some real-world feedback if possible.



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  3. I've never been fit, but I really dig the Recoil shafts. I have Apex CF 16s w/ UST Recoil ES 760/780 in stiff flex. I tried a few different types before landing on the USTs. I'm in no way a stats/numbers geek. It was simply a matter of feel. They behave a lot like steel with all the dampening benefits of graphite. Perfect for an equipment geek, weekend hacker like me.



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